Doctors plead for conscience rights against Ontario euthanasia

Canadians shouldn’t have to compromise their conscience.

In Canada, everyone has the right to their faith and their conscience. With physician-assisted suicide now legal in Canada, many healthcare practitioners and facilities are in a compromised position.

Those who cannot support assisted suicide or euthanasia because of their conscience, faith, or commitment to the Hippocratic Oath could be forced to compromise their convictions. They shouldn’t have to.

Our coalition stands opposed to assisted suicide.

Now that the federal government has passed a law that will legalize assisted suicide, we need your help to ensure Canadian’s faith and conscience rights are protected.

Our Conscience Rights Matter.

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Of course, we could always wait until we can’t find a doctor who is allowed to practice who wouldn’t just do us in.

See also: World is begged to learn from Canada’s euthanasia “mistakes” It’s hardly a mistake: Governments like Canada’s did not put away anywhere near enough money to meet the foreseeable health care needs of seniors and persons with disabilities. Remember, the government does not have enough money to keep its health care promises, but that shouldn’t cost you or me our lives.