German interior minister seeks to strip citizenship from Muslim terrorists

The German constitution stipulates that no person shall be made stateless, so Thomas de Maizière wants to confiscate the passports and revoke the citzenship of German jihadists with dual nationalities.

Article 16 reads: “No German may be deprived of his citizenship.” Yet a decisive exception appears in the very next line: “Citizenship may be lost only pursuant to a law, and against the will of the person affected only if he does not become stateless as a result.”

Nevertheless, Federal Interior Minister Thomas de Maizière now wants to revoke the citizenship of Islamic fighters that have traveled to Syria and Iraq on German passports. The Interior Ministry is calling for a new law allowing authorities to expatriate fighters who possess a second passport.

It is thought that a number of the 870 terrorist fighters identified by the Federal Criminal Office (BKA) have dual citizenship.