20 Islamist infiltrators exposed in German army – reports

The German military has uncovered dozens of soldiers with Islamist leanings that joined the army to receive rigorous training in weapons systems and tactics in hopes of using it for future terror attacks, both at home and abroad, local media report.

Germany’s Military Counterintelligence Service, MAD, has identified 20 active-duty soldiers as Islamists, and 60 others were put on a surveillance list for having extremist views, Die Welt reported on Saturday.

The agency said the Islamist infiltrators are particularly interested in advanced weapons and tactical training that could be useful when carrying out future attacks in Germany or abroad.

Recruitment offices across the country have reported “individual inquiries from applicants who are eager to join the Bundeswehr [the German military] for only a few months and are explicitly interested in intensive weapons and equipment training,” MAD noted.

  • That’s how Islam works.

    Get use to it. Or for heavens sake do something.

  • xavier

    immediate firing squad. and no quarter asked or given. then go after the families and mosques.

    really Moslems in the end are scum. cowardly scum who are so inept that they need outside help and even then they lie in ambush attacking women and children.

    i have nothing but contempt for them

  • Norman_In_New_York

    And the German authorities are stupid enough to accommodate these infiltrators.