World is begged to learn from Canada’s euthanasia “mistakes”

From Will Johnston at MercatorNet:

The Carter decision to allow assisted suicide and euthanasia claimed that Canada could avoid abuses through careful guidelines and screening. Medically facilitated elder abuse by greedy relatives and medicalized suicide for the depressed — a grim reality where this practice is legal — were supposed to be avoidable, said the judge,because of a superior medical culture in Canada. The abuses of Belgium? Not for us.

Experience proves otherwise.

According to the new law, it will be five years before Canada’s assisted suicide and euthanasia regime has to report back to the nation. Two stories offer reasons why that report will fail to reveal those depressed patients, far from death, who are steered to suicide by others and by their untreated mental illness.

In five years, so many people will have been done in that the whole system will need to be grandfathered and expanded until our civilization collapses in a death spiral. The future belongs to those who do not murder their parents or children.

A friend, herself dealing with advanced ovarian cancer, heard from a neighbour that his wife was going to get assisted suicide. The neighbour said they would be going to a doctor in Vancouver to get this done. This baffled my friend, who had seen the woman outside her home, gardening. The husband made other comments suggesting that his wife would be dead soon. She had heart trouble.

My friend tipped off her own nurse to get community services involved and the suicidal woman’s depression began to be addressed by a nurse and social worker. This apparently able-bodied woman did not go to Vancouver right away — but she had been invited, as soon became clear.

I will let my friend’s words testify to the end of that story: More.

Reality check: Why on earth is anyone supposed to think this is a mistake?  Governments like Canada’s did not put away anywhere near enough money to meet the foreseeable health care needs of seniors and persons with disabilities. Raising taxes is unpopular.

Euthanasia is the perfect solution today because most of the population no longer goes to church, thinks nature is all there is, and thus does not think humans are special. Many young people sexting on the internet could not care less if someone’s granny was done in. But they might like to get their tat jobs done and removed on the health care budget. And they may remember to vote.

Just remember, in the age of Big Progressive Government, we are all “the fetus” now.

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