Was A Clinton Cabalist Involved In The Silly Sick Ritual Of #SpiritCooking #DegenerateElite

Wikileaks has exposed the sick side of Hillary’s Cabalists – #Spiritcooking

Sounds Yummy! Does America want to be lead by degenerates like this?












Spirit Cooking is explained below by the Witchy-Poo linked to Podesta herself… and yes it is an occult practice. How messed up is that?

A little fresh air… As reader Leslie points out the Head Witchy-Poo was too much even for the New York Times.

Review: Marina Abramovic’s ‘Walk Through Walls,’ a Memoir of Masochism and Pretension

More laughs from Reddit – I really wish we lived in a world where Alex Jones wasn’t right all the fucking time.

Regardless of the absurdity, this is seriously degenerate behavior by “Our Betters”.