Scary Quebec euthanasia stats… but so?

From Paul Russell at MercatorNet:

The recently released first report on the operation of Quebec’s euthanasia & assisted suicide law should make everyone stop and think. There were three times the expected number of deaths with 8% (21 cases) being non-compliant with the law.

People could argue that the numbers themselves (262 deaths in seven months) as compared with what some people, including the Quebec Health Minister, expected, (100 deaths in the first year) is simply a matter of the inexactitude of a “best guess”.

At a distance it is difficult to confirm, but the “100 in the first year” forecast by Barrette may also have been a number thrown around during the debate on the enabling legislation and possibly with the addition of “only”. The debate seems always to be about “only”.

At this stage it is more the 8% non-compliance that should scare us.

Remember: this is for the first seven months of the operation of a new law when you would expect that everyone, absolutely everyone, would be exceedingly careful to comply. More.

Reality check: No. The 8% (now merely official) perps know they are safe. It’s a good question whether many Quebeckers would care if granny were euthanised against her will (= murdered). They hardly live in the same world as she does. If they stumble onto her world, a whiff of legal pot and …

See also: World is begged to learn from Canada’s euthanasia “mistakes” It’s hardly a mistake: Governments like Canada’s did not put away anywhere near enough money to meet the foreseeable health care needs of seniors and persons with disabilities.

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