Reporter “apologizes” for wishing Trump would die. LA Time dumps him anyway.

From Katie McHugh at Breitbart:

Borowiec is far from the first member of the press to wish harm on Trump. In June, an NBC producer praised an illegal alien and attempted assassin as “a good guy with a gun” after he tried to murder Trump at a Las Vegas rally.More.


We regard Mr. Borowiec’s comment as inexcusable, and we have ended our relationship with him.

Reality check: One day, these charades won’t be necessary. Non-progressives will be enemies of the people in principle, and punishing them will be a shared community responsibility.

See also: Trump: Not With A Whimper But A Bang Our American friend: We may finally be experiencing Clinton fatigue on a wide enough scale to dispatch these odious creatures to the history bin.  Me: Tuesday will tell.