Media vs. Russian hackers for rigging US election? Far more Americans believe media will rig

From CNS News via Breitbart:

More people see the news media–as opposed to Russian hackers or political bosses–as the “primary threat that might try to change the election result,” according to a recent Suffolk University/USA Today poll.

45.53% said “the news media”–followed by “the national political establishment” (20.79%); “undecided” (13.42%); “foreign interests such as Russian hackers” (10%); and “local political bosses” (8.95%). More.

Reality check: And why would anyone who is paying attention doubt that?

If Hill wakes up prez-elect Wednesday morning, the dying mainstream media have jobs for life as PR for her policies.

For Russia, it would just be a replay of her ridiculous “reset button,” parading US weakness in the eyes of the world. The Russians want her to win, for that reason.

But so many Americans now need the government to buy their toilet paper, tampons, and lottery tickets, the Russians hardly need invest in the enterprise. Progressive government sells itself (and everyone who is associated with it in any way).

See also: Rapid fall in TV ratings They will need to force government to support them to stay in business, supporting government. (See, for example, the CBC).

Does anyone feel safer now?: