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The Slow Red Pill: My Journey from Libertarian to Alt-Right

Watching the garbage fire that is Obama’s tenure as a president, seeing people around the world happy without individualism, seeing people suffer from Katrina, and after seeing the mistreatment of Ron Paul by the GOP, I realized that libertarianism was impotent. At best it was the loyal opposition, at worst it was actively enabling many of the policies I opposed. Then I began to think about why I had never been fully committed to and intellectually satisfied by, libertarian solutions to suffering and happiness. And I realized that libertarianism requires two unrealistic requirements. Libertarianism and the “more liberty” solution requires that everyone in a free group possess perfect information and perfect responsibility.


France Closes More Mosques For Spreading Violent Hatred And Terrorism

The mosques were closed under the state of emergency for the spread of “hatred and violence,” the statement says, adding that “under the guise of ritual ceremonies, these places [harbored] meetings aimed at promoting radical ideology, [which is] contrary to the values of the [French] Republic and may constitute a serious risk to security and public order.”


This professor devotes her life to countering dangerous speech. She can’t ignore Donald Trump’s

The American University law professor and Harvard University faculty associate has grappled for months with whether Donald Trump’s rhetoric constitutes dangerous speech as she has come to define it. She has examined election-year speech before, but only abroad where the risks of mass atrocities were great.

But in the past week, with Trump claiming that the election system and the media are rigged against him, his messages have the type of undertone that increases the risk of violence between groups, she said.

LONDON - FEBRUARY 03: Muslim demonstrators hold banners at the Danish Embassy on February 3, 2006 in London. British muslims have condemned newspaper cartoons which first appeared in a Danish newspaper, some of which depict the Prophet Mohammed wearing a turban shaped like a bomb. The cartoons have sparked worldwide protests. (Photo by Peter Macdiarmid/Getty Images)

Germany Captures ISIS Infiltrator in Refugee Flow

A young Syrian man has been captured in Germany after conducting pre-attack surveillance and recruiting at least one German to join the fight for the Islamic State (ISIS). The Syrian, identified as Shaas Al-M., presented himself as a refugee from the conflict in Syria. In fact, he was an ISIS fighter on a mission to conduct terrorist attacks inside Europe.


The Great Fear

Just this week we have learned that the FBI and the DOJ may very well be colluding in order to conceal very serious crimes by the Clinton Family from the public. Seeing that the current FBI director let the Clintons off the hook 15 years ago, when he was tasked with investigating them, naturally makes people think the whole system is rotten and corrupt. When people see e-mails from the Clinton campaign chair revealing that he is best buddies with the Feds, it tends to confirm and amplify their suspicions.

Probably the biggest blow to public trust has been the revelation regarding the Clinton Foundation and the shenanigans involved in covering up what looks like very serious crimes. Everyday we get new stories that make a Hollywood thriller sound pedestrian. All of a sudden, the conspiracy guys don’t sound so nutty as their theories are playing out in the news. If the Feds can accidentally find a laptop that brings down the Clinton Crime Family, name a cloak and dagger scenario that is still implausible?


Somebody is creating a new conservative news network and we have proof

What’s being billed as an “up-and-coming conservative media network currently in development” is now scouring for hosts, reporters and right-leaning, well-spoken panelists, according to a brand new casting notice obtained Wednesday evening by Fox News.

The notice goes on to say the on-air talent the network wants “must be knowledgeable about conservative viewpoints, current events and the presidential election,” adding applicants must also “look upscale and intelligent,” and should be “outspoken and energetic.”


On November 9, Prepare for a National Day of Mourning

There is no doubt that the twin dark political clouds will handicap Madam President as she tries to govern under hostile, hyper-polarized conditions. That hostility will be most pronounced if Republicans keep control of Congress or even if Democrats win control of the Senate by a small margin. The bottom line is: We should officially rename our nation the Un-United States of America to reflect who we are and where we will stand on the morning of November 9.


An indictment is likely

What an interesting year. The Cubs won the Series. The FBI Director goes from the darling of the left to enemy of the State. Hillary claimed she was in New York City on 9-11. We could have a President-elect impeached before she is sworn into office.

Heck of a year, and it’s not over.


Obama DOJ: Handmaiden of Clinton Corruption

The Obama Department of Justice has been corruptly aiding and abetting the Democratic Party’s presidential nominee, Hillary Clinton, to escape legal accountability for her actions. From Attorney General Loretta Lynch on down through the Justice Department’s political ranks, the Department has blocked the FBI from searching for the truth and following the evidence of potential criminality to its logical conclusion. Whether it is Hillary’s use of a private e-mail server while serving as Secretary of State or her involvement in the pay-for-play Clinton enterprise known as the Clinton Foundation, the Obama administration is applying a banana republic-style double standard to pervert justice and the rule of law in order to shield her.


Hard drive with Clinton emails GONE from the National Archives

How do these criminals keep getting away with these egregious crimes? This is not the first time Clinton stooges stole evidence that would lead to their imprisonment. Bill Clinton’s National Security Advisor Sandy Berger stole and destroyed classified documents in October 2003 from a National Archives reading room prior to testifying before the 9/11 Commission.

Russians again!