California assisted suicide law used to deny coverage

From Leslie Eastman at legal insurrection,

About one-year ago, Gov. Jerry Brown signed the state’s assisted-suicide bill into law. It fully went into effect this June, with the opening of the first clinic. While there is no data on the number of California assisted-suicides, Oregon recorded over 130 last year as part of their legalized physician-assisted death program.

Now, one young mother says her insurance company denied her coverage for chemotherapy treatment after originally agreeing to provide the fiscal support for it, but indicated it would be willing to pay for assisted suicide instead. More.

Reality check: Again, one finds it hard not to simply reply: So, middle America? You thought the cool cokesnorts were cute. And now that they have imposed the culture of death on all of us, include the vehemently unwilling, what are we supposed to do to rescue you? Get lost. We will be lucky to save ourselves.

By all means, Americans, vote for Trump, just as a way of saying no to your Cool Insurance Death. But Trump can’t really do anything.

You and we must do it ourselves by systematically ridding North America of every vestige of progressive attitudes, values, beliefs, and government. It would take hundreds of years to root out the culture of death, so it may be impossible but all who try will die honourably.

See also: Scary Quebec euthanasia stats… but so? You thought something different would happen when it is grannies vs. cokesnorts?