Nov. 3 2004: Today is the anniversary of Theo Van Gogh’s murder by a Muslim

Dutch Filmmaker, an Islam Critic, Is Killed

PARIS, Nov. 2 – Theo van Gogh, a Dutch filmmaker and writer who had recently made a television film critical of Islam, was shot and stabbed to death on an Amsterdam street on Tuesday.

The killing shocked the Netherlands, already apprehensive over large-scale Muslim immigration, which has provoked an angry public debate. Mr. van Gogh’s film added to that debate after it was broadcast in September.

Shortly after the killing, the police arrested a 26-year-old man of dual Dutch and Moroccan nationality, whom they refused to identify. It was not immediately clear if he had any connections to militant groups, but the police said he was not known to any Dutch law enforcement agency and that he had not been under surveillance.

Before fleeing, the man left a note on the body of the victim, said Eric Vermeulen, a spokesman for the Amsterdam police. The police declined to describe the contents of the message. The Dutch news media reported that it contained passages from the Koran.