Trump Can Fix It

It is hard to believe that this clangorous campaign of defamations is in its last week. Of course, in the first year of Donald Trump’s largely self-financed campaign, which broke all records for the sale of silly T-shirts, hats, and badges, his pandering was sometimes outrageous, but it was brilliant. As Senator Marco Rubio said as he bowed out of the race, having been bombed in his home state of Florida by Trump by nearly a million votes, “There was a tsunami approaching and only Mr. Trump saw it.”

The political class that had admitted 12 million illegal immigrants, while waffling about “comprehensive immigration reform” and doing nothing, complacently assumed that the country had acquiesced in this cynical outrage. After all, someone had to do the menial work in the U.S. It was a pandemic of almost terminal hypocrisy and when Donald Trump focused national attention on it, he had to be defamed as a racist. Donald Trump has a big mouth and a loose tongue, but he has, unlike many of his accusers, a perfect record as an equal-opportunity employer, and there is not a scintilla of evidence that he is a racist.