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NBPC President Says Border Patrol is ‘Overwhelmed’

“We are at breaking point. We have the highest number of illegal aliens in custody in history in Border Patrol’s RGV Sector and this information has been kept from the American public,” said Agent Judd. “The talk of amnesty has once again created pull factors and encouraged people from all over the world to cross Mexico and then cross our porous southern border to illegally enter the U.S. We are simply overwhelmed.”


Cheryl Mills Loses Immunity, Could Be Prosecuted for Perjury

A recent Wikileaks email proves that Cheryl Mills lied to the FBI. During the first investigation, she was given immunity. Immunity is not absolute. You can lose it if you either withhold information or commit perjury. She did both. She was able to claim lawyer/client privilege because she claimed she didn’t know about Hillary’s private server until she left the State Department.


Syrian “Refugees” to U.S. so Far in 2016 Up 675% from 2015; 99.1% are Muslims

The Obama administration has resettled 13,210 Syrian refugees into the United States since the beginning of 2016 – an increase of 675 percent over the same 10-month period in 2015.

Of those, 13,100 (99.1 percent) are Muslims – 12,966 Sunnis, 24 Shi’a, and 110 other Muslims – and 77 (0.5 percent) are Christians. Another 24 (0.18 percent) are Yazidis.


Schoolyard Scandal: Watch all of Faith Goldy’s reports on refugee behaviours in our schools

I’m worried about the future of our country.

We all knew the Liberals’ Syrian refugee policy would have adverse effects. But who could have guessed the consequences would first manifest themselves on our children’s publicly funded schoolyards?

In April we brought you the story of Syrian refugees choking, slapping and threatening elementary schools in Halifax, Nova Scotia. In June we broke the news that adult migrant men, enrolled in New Brunswick high school, are making advances on their young female classmates.

Now, email exchanges between school officials at three different school boards reveal parallel schoolyard scandals taking place across the country.


Russia threatens Norway with nuclear war after it gives green light to US marines

A senior Russian diplomat has warned Norway it is now on the Kremlin’s list of potential nuclear targets after it granted the US permission to base 300 marines on its soil.

Cold War tensions between Moscow and Washington erupted last week after Washington revealed plans to station the elite commandos in Norway.

Frants Klintsevitsj, a deputy chairman of Russia’s defence and security committee, gave a furious response to the deployment.

In a chilling threat at the peace-loving Scandinavians, he warned: “This is very dangerous for Norway and Norwegians.”


Ottawa faces class-action lawsuit over fired LGBT civil servants

The Trudeau government has been hit by a class-action lawsuit, filed in both Ontario and Quebec, involving former public servants and members of the military who lost their jobs because of their sexual orientation.

The suit is asking for $600 million for claimants outside of Quebec and an undefined amount for those inside the province, where the litigation laws are different.

Doug Elliott, a longtime gay rights activist and Toronto lawyer, is leading the case. He estimated that there could as many as 9,000 people eligible to join in it, many of them persecuted and hounded from their jobs over almost four decades.


Chico State athletes not allowed to say ‘coward,’ ‘rape,’ ‘spaz’ or ‘shemale’

Three years ago, California State University-Chico felt compelled to clarify to gay students that they can participate in campus sports (“You Can Play“).

Now it’s clarifying to student athletes what they are not allowed to say – by putting those words and phrases in big block letters on posters.

Based on Duke University’s “You Don’t Say” campaign, which later spread to its athletics department (example: “Run like a girl” is prohibited), the new campaign by the Chico State Student Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC) takes a broad view of what can offend people.


Pro-Trump Pitt students assaulted again, receive death threats

Pro-Trump students at the University of Pittsburgh can’t seem to catch a break.

Outside of Hillman Library Monday, Youth for Trump once again faced vandalism, protests, and death threats, culminating at approximately 2:00 p.m., when a student ran behind the table and ripped down the “Youth for Trump” sign with such force that the tree limb to which it was attached actually broke.

Lindsey Hern, a senior at Pitt, told The Pitt Maverick that students surrounded the table yelling profanities shortly after the sign was ripped down, making her fear for her safety, especially when another female student began screaming “how can you be a woman and support Trump?” at Hern.


Surveillance of La Presse reporter a ‘serious attack on freedom of the press in Canada’

The case of a Montreal newspaper columnist whose smartphone was tracked by Montreal police is part of a troubling trend emerging in Quebec and across the country, freedom of expression advocates say.

La Presse reported Monday at least 24 surveillance warrants were issued for Patrick Lagacé’s iPhone this year at the request of the police special investigations unit. That section is responsible for looking into crime within the police force.

The warrants were used to track Lagacé’s whereabouts using the GPS chip in his iPhone. The warrants also allowed police to obtain the identities of everyone he spoke to or exchanged text messages with during that time.


Facebook and Islamophobia

Islam is not just as a religion but a social and political system in which the state is intended to be inseparable from religious rule. Sharia (Islamic Law) by its nature is not designed to coexist with or be subordinate to other legal systems.

There is a world-wide attempt to stop talk about Islam. It has its own name: Islamophobia. Those of us who see danger in Islam are under attack, whether we talk about the intolerance of Islam, its homophobia, its misogyny, its call to murder Jews and destroy the West, or its slow but cunning infiltration of our democracies. American politicians suggesting that open borders might not be the best policy at this time, are now labeled as racists, xenophobes, fear-mongers and Islamophobes.