Britain’s white flight: Report reveals how racial segregation has risen ‘strikingly’ in just 10 years – with numbers of whites in some areas down by up to HALF

White populations in towns and cities are dwindling at record levels and in extreme cases have halved in a decade, it was revealed today.

In Newham, east London, just 16 per cent of the population are white, compared to 33 per cent ten years ago.

Academic Ted Cantle, a Government adviser of community cohesion, says by the 2021 census the polarisation will be even greater.

The report says many towns and cities, such as Birmingham, Leicester, Slough, Luton, Bradford and London, have seen areas develop where the white British population is ‘increasingly dwindling’ as minorities increase.

Professor Cantle cites Blackburn as one of the most segregated towns in Britain whose Whalley Range area is now 95 per cent Asian and the local butcher admits he has never served a white person.

It’s called The Great Replacement and it’s happening here.