Toronto Police’ Muslim Chaplain trots out lame “taken out of context” defense to explain harmful teachings on wife’s role in Islam

Toronto police union raises concerns about new chaplain’s views on women

“…Toronto Police Association president Mike McCormack said Monday he is receiving emails and calls from members questioning whether the service should be associated with someone who believes women are “second-class citizens.”

Toronto Police Service spokesperson Meaghan Gray said Monday that Khan did not want to comment for the Star’s article but was taken aback by the negative comments that have appeared online.

He believes some of his comments have been “taken out of context in the larger lecture in which they were delivered,” she said”

The take away… diversity hiring is stupid and potentially dangerous, especially when left in the hands of useful idiot virtue signalers.

Mike McCormack – President of the Toronto Police Association on Muslim Chaplain’s Islamist Views of Women