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Liberals will support motion demanding action on First Nations child welfare

Indigenous Affairs Minister Carolyn Bennett vowed Monday to support an NDP motion demanding an emergency injection of funds into Indigenous child welfare services to comply with legal orders from the Human Rights Tribunal.

Charlie Angus, the NDP’s Indigenous affairs critic, who introduced the motion, said Monday the government needs to immediately invest an additional $155 million and establish a plan to meet the “bare minimum,” in the future, of the tribunal’s ruling.

Bennett said via Twitter the “Liberals will vote in favour of the motion tomorrow.” Later, before question period, Bennett said that the she is on the “same page” as the NDP. “We want the kinds of changes that really will be the real reform. We want to end the discrimination.”


Canada: Imam says 50-year-old man marrying 9-year-old girl is “legitimate” in Islam

The likes of Abu Ameenah Bilal Philips are given open forums with reprieves from feminists and so-called human rights advocates in the West. The fear of confronting this openly is revolting, and all the while those who do point out the truth are branded “Islamophobes.” Even worse, leaders who have the responsibility to protect innocents are aiding the perpetrators in the name of political correctness.


Ottawa terror suspect granted bail again after allegedly breaching conditions

An Ottawa terror suspect has been released from custody after he was charged with breaching some of his bail conditions while awaiting the outcome of his case.


Notley stands by NDP promises, unafraid of opposition

Notley renewed NDP promises in a speech to the Provincial Council of Alberta’s New Democrats.

Despite push-back from opposition parties, she said the province will move forward on issues such as the carbon tax, raising Alberta’s minimum wage to $15 an hour, and affordable housing.

“We won’t make things worse by imposing knee-jerk cutbacks,” she said.

“The government of Alberta can’t make the price of oil go up, but we can act within our means to promote diversification and resilience.”


‘Indigenizing’ campus: UPEI includes Indigenous leaders in Founders ceremony

o celebrate the start of a new academic year, UPEI is honouring Indigenous leaders on P.E.I. for their contributions to the school on Monday.

For the last 16 years the school has held a Recognition of Founders ceremony every fall.

It recognizes people who have made contributions and sacrifices to bring about the education now offered at UPEI.

This year for the first time, the school is recognizing the contributions Indigenous people on P.E.I. have made to the school, and their role as founders of P.E.I.

John McCallum, Liberal candidate for Markham-Thornhill, holds a news conference to discuss a hole in the NDP’s spending plans, in Ottawa, Sunday August 30, 2015. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Fred Chartrand

Government says it will bring in 300,000 immigrants next year

Canada won’t increase the number of new immigrants being welcomed to the country next year, but is laying the foundation for a bigger boost in levels in the coming years.

Numbers tabled today in the House of Commons show Canada will bring in 300,000 new arrivals next year — the same number that was established this year on a temporary basis to accommodate an influx of Syrian refugees.

Immigration Minister John McCallum says the 300,000 number will now become the foundational figure for future growth in immigration targets.


Alvinston baseball club drops Indians name, Chief Wahoo logo

A southwestern Ontario minor baseball club is changing its name from the Indians, in a move designed to show respect to Indigenous communities.

The minor club in Alvinston, Ont. modelled its nickname and logo from the Cleveland Indians of Major League Baseball for 60 years. Alvinston is a town of 2,500 about 50 kilometres from Sarnia, Ont.


Brian Jean goes full Trump for the Wildrose masses: We need to Make Alberta Great Again! Believe me!

The surprise shouldn’t be that Alberta’s Wildrose Party went Full Trump at its annual general meeting in Red Deer Friday night and yesterday. It should be that anyone’s surprised.

Still, mainstream media were agog at this turn of events. To give credit where credit is due, several journalists actually used the T-word to describe both Wildrose Leader Brian Jean’s bleak fantasy about the state of Alberta’s society as we near Halloween 2016 and the Tea Party policy prescriptions set out for his party by its members.


Canada must do its part to preserve biodiversity

In Canada, by virtue of our vast wilderness, rich wildlife and enormous holdings of fresh water, we have a special responsibility to conserve. Yet in recent years we have seen a disturbing pattern play out again and again: a government introduces ambitious protections for wilderness and wildlife and then, over the years, under pressure from industry, erodes them.

It’s a pattern we need to break if we’re going to start doing our part on this existential challenge.


Bryan Cranston Says He’ll Move to Canada if Donald Trump Is Elected

The actor, who released his memoir “A Life in Parts” earlier this year, joins a grand tradition of show business personalities who have threatened to leave the country if one or another candidate wins the presidency.