Liberals to swamp Canada with immigrant influx

The government’s economic growth advisory council has recommended ramping up immigration levels to 450,000 people a year over the next five years, with a focus on skilled, highly educated and business-oriented people. McCallum has suggested that target may be overly ambitious, but said the government will “substantially” raise the number.

There has also been debate among the Canadian public — and among Liberals — about hiking immigration at a time of high unemployment, especially among young Canadians. There are also questions about whether adequate levels of support are in place.

This will serve to depress wages and make us all merely a pool of cheap labour that our crony capitalists will exploit at their leisure while simultaneously allowing the Liberals to play divide and conquer with a cowed populace too afraid to object lest their government label them racists. And one more thing, you’ll be expected to pick up the tab for increased settlement costs.

If you want to be just like Europe’s virtue signalers, then you’re in for a fun ride!