The Terror of Halloween – when Social Justice Wankers get traumatized by scary “cultural appropriation”


This child is learning valuable life lessons through costume design.

Halloween, that time of year when kids dress up in a variety of scary and strange costumes and get free candy, and adults dress up in a variety of goofy ways, is just about upon us.

Now imagine for a moment what would happen if a bunch of guys in western gear from Oklahoma raised a ruckus about how upset and offended they were because people in Japan were going to dress up as cowboys for Halloween. We’d think the Oklahomans were insane.

But flip it around, and if some American women dress as Geisha for Halloween, you know that “Social Justice” Wankers, those self-appointed guardians of all that is permissible, will have apoplectic fits about the horrors of so-called “cultural appropriation.”