Progressive activist Megan Murphy gets censored for “transphobia,” quits Rabble

From Murphy at Babble:

After my piece was removed from the site, I waited for an editor to contact me to explain, 1) That this had happened, and 2) Why this had happened. No one contacted me, so I emailed the then-news editor (who had removed the piece) and the blogs editor, asking what was going on. The editor who removed the piece never responded to my query or accounted for her decision/actions, instead, the male blogs editor responded to me saying only, “Your article was removed because it contained transphobic language and violated our journalistic policy.” I responded, asking what specific “transphobic language” was contained in the article. I looked over the journalistic policy numerous times (and was, of course, already familiar with it) to see if something had changed within it, but could not find anything that defined any of the the language used in my article as “transphobic.” My follow up question was ignored by both the news editor and the blogs editor. To date, I have not heard from a single editor at rabble about this issue or my question.

When pressed, I finally received an explanation (though, again, not from any of the editors responsible for the decision) from someone at rabble, who repeated the claim that my argument contained “transphobic language” and added that my piece “erased trans male identity.” I was told that to point out that only females have reproductive systems was “essentializing” and reduced “women’s identity down to biology.”More.

Reality check: Part of the transgender agenda is that there are no essential differences between male and female; that they are fluid, subjective categories. It is possible to be a “man” trapped in a woman’s body and vice-versa.

Some activists may also claim a biological explanation for this state of affairs. The fact that their assertion is not only undemonstrable but impossible does not matter in an age when, we are told, evolution bred a sense of reality out of us and our brains are shaped for fitness, not for truth.

Prediction: The trannies will win, hands down. They are worth far more right now to, say, Justin Trudeau and Hill Clinton than libbers are, in terms of breaking down traditional reality-based cultures.

Feminism will never again be about anything other than free abortion on demand through the fourth trimester (born alive). Feminists created their own doom by pretending unborn children were not really live human beings.

“The mills of God grind slowly but they grind exceeding small.”

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