Please God, Help Trump Win

I hope you won’t mind this very public invocation. Nothing I say here is different from how I privately pray about things outside the sphere of my personal life. I know that a great many of my fellow Americans are saying a similar prayer.

As of course you know, a slim majority of my countrymen and women are possibly on the verge of electing Hillary Clinton to the office of the presidency. I believe we need your intervention more than at any time since the American Civil War. The Greatest Generation held us together through the Great Depression, World War II, and, to a lesser extent, 9/11. Now I fear our nation will come apart at the seams. Though I am a Republican and pretty much always vote Republican, the revelations I’ve heard and the things that have allegedly come to pass at the hands of the Democratic Left lead me to believe that the situation is so far gone and beyond conventional two-party partisanship that only you can save us now.