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Obama Pardons More Felons Than The Last 11 Presidents Combined

Using his well-honed Barack-knows-best attitude, the president has overruled yet more federal judges, prosecutors and juries, commuting the prison sentences of 98 additional drug dealers.

This brings to 872 the number of commutations the Democrat has granted, 688 of them this year alone, a record. More than 200 of these individuals were originally sent away for life by the nation’s legal system. Many of their crimes involved firearms.

The growing early-release figure for Obama, who has admitted his own past drug use, is already larger than the last 11 presidents combined, according to a boastful White House lawyer. And with 84 days remaining on his Oval Office lease, the Chicagoan claims he is far from done.

Two years ago he vowed to release 10,000 felons before leaving office.


America Is at Its Most Perilous Crossroads Since World War II

Our country is about to (or was about to—we’ll see) elect a woman president who, to a great many of us, possibly a majority, is indisputably a criminal and about to draw our federal government into nonstop litigation, more than likely leading to an impeachment trial at the least, weakening our already weakened state, blotting almost everything out and dominating all our attention and the airwaves for the next several years.


Facebook Lets Advertisers Exclude Users by Race

Imagine if, during the Jim Crow era, a newspaper offered advertisers the option of placing ads only in copies that went to white readers.

That’s basically what Facebook is doing nowadays.


What goes around comes around

A reader points out the irony of Hillary Clinton complaining about timing of the reopening of the FBI investigation. In 1992, the reader reminds me, President Bush was gaining on Bill Clinton as Election Day approached. But just four days before the election, the special counsel, Lawrence Walsh, obtained a new indictment of former Secretary of Defense Caspar Weinberger.

Weinberger had been indicted earlier in the year. But the new indictment cited a Weinberger diary entry that contradicted something President Bush had said.

The Clintons seized on the new indictment, howling about a “culture of corruption” that supposedly pervaded the administration. Bush’s poll numbers declined and Bill Clinton won the election.


Northwestern University prof: Christian fundamentalism more dangerous than Islamic terrorism

“If [anything Islamic] wanted to attack an American city, they had to hijack an airliner. If they want to blow up a concert, they need to put bombs on their own children and send young men in to kill themselves…that kind of radicalism [Christian fundamentalism] in control of nuclear codes was a much, much greater threat.”

Wallace apparently believes that George W. Bush, because he called the war on terror a “Crusade” once, doubtless without being aware of the historical implications of the term, and a few times spoke about it in terms of a divine calling, was equivalent to a worldwide army of Islamic jihadists who justify their actions and make recruits among peaceful Muslims by pointing to Islamic texts and teachings. This is as absurd as it is myopic. There have been nearly 30,000 jihad attacks worldwide since 9/11, all committed in the name of Islam and in accord with its teachings. Until we see people blowing themselves and others up while screaming “Jesus is Lord,” there is no actual equivalence to that on the Christian side.


Wildrose leader Brian Jean blasts NDP at party’s AGM: ‘They’ve waged a war on business’

“There is nothing compassionate about a cold, removed, and centralized government more interested in paperwork than taking care of the needs of our neighbours, our friends, (and) our family,” Jean told more than 600 supporters on the opening night of the party’s annual general meeting.

“They’ve waged a war on business, taxed companies out of existence, and sent jobs out of province and out of country,” he said.


David Johnstone: UN chief must marginalise the far right

The job is almost impossible. Hamstrung by the vested interests of different security council members, consensus becomes a rare and precious commodity. There is, however, another immediate threat that Guterres must face when he comes to office on 1 January next year: the rise of right-wing nationalism, which is dangerously polluting the discourse of many countries throughout the world.


Merkel suggests Christmas carols, flute-playing in face of ‘Islam concerns’

Chancellor Angela Merkel has admitted that she knows “there are concerns about Islam” in Germany and has a brand new idea as to how to address the issue: Germans should then stick to Christian traditions such as Christmas carols and playing the flute.

When some people at the congress laughed at her words, she said that she is “quite serious” about her suggestion and added that “otherwise, we will lose a piece of our homeland.”

However the proposal to play Pied Piper amid the growing anti-Muslim sentiments in Germany raised eyebrows with some of the politicians in the country.


New Arby’s commercial tells people to “Grab a rifle”

Stop for a minute and think of the balls that it takes to do something like this in this current political climate. – OMG, Guns! OMG, Hunting! OMG! – They had to have know that PETA is going to go ape-sh*t about this, and that the anti-gun crowd is going to get all in a tizzy. But they did it anyway. Balls.


The moose is ‘cool’… again

“Follow the moose,” The Economist advises its worldwide readership in the current edition, the cover of which is a gushy, oleaginous flattery that will make the naughty bits of Canadian nationalists positively tingle.

The moose, says the influential British magazine, is resolutely upholding the torch of liberal decency and openness, while other Western nations are succumbing to meanspiritedness, nativism, isolation and general ugliness.

“Today, in its lonely defence of liberal values, Canada seems downright heroic,” declares the lead editorial. There is also a longish, equally admiring report, unsigned as always, datelined Winnipeg.

“In an age of seductive extremes,” the editorial continues, “[Canada] remains reassuringly levelheaded.”