Boy raised as girl sent to live with father

From Josh White and James Tozer at Daily Mail:

Judge orders boy, seven, to live with father after his mother raised him as her daughter and even registered him with his GP as a girl

So? Wasn’t she just liberating him from society’s oppressive gender expectations?

Social workers let a mother raise her young son as a girl because they were in thrall to ‘transgender equality’.

The boy, who was made to wear a pink hairband, dresses and nail varnish, lived ‘entirely as a girl’.

He was registered as a girl with his doctor’s surgery and was referred to as ‘she’ in official documentation from the age of just four.

But despite the alarm being raised by officials and the boy’s father, council staff failed to intervene. More.

If things continue as they are, intervention will become a criminal offense. And one can see why: The kid now plays with Power Rangers. That’s what the condition leads to, left untreated.

Reality check: One wonders how long such judges will be permitted to remain on the bench. Much is at stake in the ongoing war on reality.

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