Children are at risk when they exist only to enact parents’ beliefs

From Denyse O’Leary at MercatorNet:

Attitudes have hardened. Recently, we were informed that students and faculty at Johns Hopkins have demanded that the university repudiate a massively documented study that showed that genetics plays no significant role in whether people consider themselves straight or gay (or transgender). The students and faculty consider the study, Special Report at The New Atlantis (A Journal of Technology & Society) Fall 2016, by Johns Hopkins biostatistician Lawrence S. Mayer and Johns Hopkins psychiatrist Paul R. McHugh, “a misguided, misinformed attack on LGBT communities.”

The study’s executive summary provides a helpful structure for considering the claims of childhood transsexualism and makes for an interesting comparison with “recovered memories” syndrome. Are these “transgender tots” another instance of poster children for a social belief with little science backing?

The science-based researchers who have critiqued either “recovered memories” claims or “innate transgender” claims have not typically shown hostility to the individuals making the claims. They simply could not find much hard evidence for them, which is a different matter. More.

Reality check:

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