Fewer than one third trust media fact checking

From Michelle Moons at Breitbart:

Only 29 percent of likely American voters “trust media fact-checking of candidates’ comments,” according to a late September survey from Rasmussen Reports, while a prior poll indicated presidential debate moderators would help Clinton over Trump.

Sixty-two percent of American likely voters, 88 percent of Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump supporters, 69 percent of voters not affiliated with either the Republican or Democratic political parties, and 79 percent of Republican voters “believe the media skew the facts to help candidates they support.” These results come from a survey of 1,000 likely voters from September 28-29. More.

Reality check: The fact that no one much bothers with the mainstream media for serious news does not mean that no one espouses the same attitudes, values, beliefs and causes as their personnel mostly do. It just means that many fewer people look to them as thought leaders now.

That is, the voter who does not care if Hillary Clinton is corrupt is not much affected by how big media handle the issue. That voter is very often someone who pays few taxes and depends on government handouts or has a government-funded job and has nothing to lose if private sector taxpayers are fleeced.

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