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Chilling footage out of Russia as 40 million citizens take part in nuclear attack drill

Members of the public were ordered to participate in the four-day exercise earlier this month, along with crews in protective suits and gas masks.

The drill, which reportedly included nearly 50,000 vehicles and 200,000 rescue ‘specialists’, was carried out earlier this month by the Kremlin’s Ministry of Emergency Situations.

Officials said the emergency preparation was necessary because the West wanted to launch nuclear strikes on the country.


Yale student survey results: Conservative views ‘unwelcome’ on campus

Yale remains “deeply unwelcoming” to students who hold conservative beliefs, according to a new survey.

Almost three-quarters of those who participated (2,054 respondents from across the political spectrum) say the school “does not provide a welcoming environment for conservative students to share their opinions on political issues,” according to the Yale Daily News.

Those who consider themselves “conservative” or “very conservative” feel more strongly: 95% say their views aren’t welcome.

“Anybody who supports Donald Trump or is a Republican is just hated,” said one respondent, who asked to remain anonymous for fear of backlash from liberal students. “I just get the general vibe that Republicans aren’t respected for their beliefs as much as maybe the liberal people are.”


Anger in migrant-hit town as council ploughs £750k into two ‘city-shaping’ mosques

Mayor of Monheim, Daniel Zimmermann, hailed the religious buildings as “city shaping” after the council agreed to hand €845,000 to centres in the Islamic community.

German political parties including the SPD, CDU, Greens and FDP voted against the controversial plans, but objections were outvoted by the Peto Party, who has a 65 per cent majority of the votes.

Mr Zimmermann said he hopes the cash will go towards integrating Muslims into the community.


Racism in policing is about outcomes, not intentions: Cole

A two-year study of police traffic stops in Ottawa has revealed — to no one’s surprise — that cops in the nation’s capital disproportionately pull over Middle Eastern and black drivers. Since police across Canada are being exposed for similar practices, their hollow excuses about a few bad apples are becoming less effective. Instead, our police increasingly argue that prejudiced police behaviour is well-intentioned, and therefore cannot be labelled as racist.

Ottawa police chief Charles Bordeleau is using this strategy to shield his officers from accountability. Bordeleau has explained the targeting of Middle Eastern and black drivers by saying, “residents want us to be visible and active in areas with high crime or social disorder issues and to respond to violent crimes, shootings and gang activity.” Someone should tell the chief that “racism” refers to systemic, unfair outcomes for racialized people — whatever police may believe about good intentions and colour-blindness, they are still abusing us.

FEA-MULRONEY15 Former Prime Minister, Brian Mulroney spoke to U of T's Rotman School of Management on the Canada/US Free Trade Agreement. Jim Coyle is working on a weekend feature on Mulroney and his travelling road show as he schmoozes professionally. 13-02-12 Richard Lautens/Toronto Star

Mulroney on Tory leadership race: Any talk of ‘diminishing’ immigrants ‘unacceptable’

Former Progressive Conservative prime minister Brian Mulroney says “any talk about diminishing immigration or immigrants” in Canada is “unacceptable” as the Tory leadership race ramps up.

In an interview Wednesday with Don Martin, host of CTV’s Power Play, Mulroney was asked about Conservative leadership hopefuls who have said that immigrants should be screened for “anti-Canadian values” or called for veiled women to uncover their faces while voting.

Mulroney responded by saying that, as prime minister, he raised immigration levels “to the highest in Canadian history,” and did so because it was “the right and proper thing to do.”

“Immigrants, generally speaking, are ranked among our most productive, able, loyal citizens, who (contribute) enormously to the economic health of our nation,” Mulroney said. “And so any talk about diminishing immigration or immigrants is unacceptable and I think unhelpful to Canada.


SPLC Publishes Libelous New Hit List of Anti-Jihad Voices

As the jihad threat grows, so does the enemies’ war on our most effective leaders. The SPLC, traffickers in blood libel and incitement to murder, is a hate group that the left counts on to smear, defame and destroy those who are brave enough to oppose their totalitarian agenda. This Soros-funded opposition research smear machine has now produced a libelous “report” designed to destroy the most effective anti-jihad voices and mandate that our our voices are never heard.

The SPLC report says: “These propagandists are far outside of the political mainstream, and their rhetoric has toxic consequences — from poisoning democratic debate to inspiring hate-based violence. The Columbia Journalism Review has said as much, pointing out that misinformation and falsehoods in media ‘may pollute democratic discourse, make it more difficult for citizens to cast informed votes, and limit their ability to participate meaningfully in public debate.’” It advises reporters to “[u]se credible sources; don’t give credence to the fringe,” and sharply criticizes “the politicians and pundits who seek personal and ideological gain by starting or spreading false memes.”


Risk of student radicalization in Quebec low

A new survey of CEGEP students found that the risk of violent radicalization among Quebec youth remains “very weak,” while incidents of racism and hate speech remain common.

CEGEP is a network of publicly funded pre‑university colleges in the province of Quebec’s education system – similar to U.S. community colleges.

The survey, released Tuesday by the Quebec research group SHERPA, looked at the factors that may lead to radicalization and the most effective ways to prevent it.

SHERPA says that the study found that people who are not from religious backgrounds, as well as students who are at least second-generation immigrants, are more likely to be radicalized than religious people or those who are first-generation immigrants.


CNN Panel Triggered After Guest Mentions Voter Fraud

This CNN panel cannot handle someone suggesting that voter fraud is problem. Watch them. They completely melt down. Sally Kohn– bless her confused, liberal heart– acts like Donald Trump is forming a freaking coup. Quick! Someone pass the smelling salts!


Inside a Captured Islamic State Suicide Bomb Truck

Sky News correspondent Sam Kiley gives us a tour of a captured Islamic State heavily-armored suicide borne improvised explosive vehicle. Truck bombs have been the ISIS weapon of choice since their inception. From a rational human being’s perspective, this kind of warfare seems like a sign of desperation by a losing force. However, the reality is that this brainwashed zombie murder cult sees this as a free ticket into heaven. Well, at least that’s what they tell the weakest-link in the chain mouth-breathers they talk into getting behind the wheel of these things.

Western forces began supplying anti tank guided missiles and advanced anti tank rockets, like AT-4s, when standard rocket propelled grenades became useless against such attacks. The cage-looking armor on the SVBIED is there to detonate the RPG early, which exhausts its armor piercing abilities before it actually reaches the true armor.


Massive Attack: One thing your router needs now to keep hackers out

There’s a gadget in your home that you would be lost without. You don’t give much thought to it until it stops working. Then you curse it, reboot it, and watch it spring back to life, or not.

It’s your lifeline to the internet, your router. It is an essential component in our internet-connected households and businesses. Much like our operating systems, software, and apps are constantly updated to thwart security threats, your router running 24/7 receives its share of updates too.

Unfortunately, router update notifications do not hit you over the head like other things. There is no red exclamation mark notifying you of an issue or message that pops up asking if you’d like to apply an update.