Germany: Parents fined for refusing to allow their child to participate in school’s Islamic indoctrination effort

“…According to the school, the parents have committed an offense, because they had their child kept deliberately in June from teaching. Rector Renate Fritzsche said the NDR, the Ministry had encouraged schools to visit mosques. “It is an important goal of our education in schools, to raise the willingness of the children to deal with foreign cultures and to tolerate it.”

The attorney for the parents, Alexander Heumann, the mosque visit, however, can not get anything. He was involved in the AFD and is a member of the “Citizens’ Movement Pax Europa”, which warns of “Islamization” of society. InsideWeb Heumann has a ” defender writing published” in which he denounced the Rendsburger mosque as an “architectural eyesore”.

 In it, he writes about his client: “The parents and the child do not belong to any faith community and argue that you can not force someone against his free will to enter a religious building.”

In addition, the parents were worried about the “life and limb” of her son. They had heard so many reports of Islamist motivated violence, because they did not want to “send to people who despise it as a so-called infidels” their child, Heumann cited them in his writing.”