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Fury as German primary school ‘forces’ children to chant ‘Allahu Akbar’ in Muslim prayer

The father of the pupil at the girl’s primary school in German ski resort Garmisch-Partenkirchen discovered that his daughter had been forced to learn the Islamic prayer when he discovered a handout she had been given.

He claimed she had been “forced” by teachers to memorise the Islamic chants and forwarded the handout to Austrian news service unsertirol24.


Christian refugees threatened with beheading for being ‘unbelievers’ by Muslim migrants in Germany

Christians living in a migrant centre in Rotenburg, central Germany, are facing death threats and ‘sentencing’ by unofficial Sharia council, according to a shocking study released by the Christian persecution charity.

In one horrifying case, a Christian migrant returned from church to find a notice in one of the rooms saying: “To all Muslims: now is the time to behead the unbelievers.”


Italy tells EU we are out – no money from us if you build walls,trap migrants here

If certain members of the European Union introduce borders to prevent the movement of asylum seekers, Italy is within its rights to withhold its funding to the EU budget, Prime Minister Matteo Renzi has said.

“We give €20 billion to Europe and the EU gives us back 12, but if Hungary or Slovakia preach to us about migrants and don’t give us a hand and then want our money,” then Italy can use its right of veto when discussing the budget in 2017, Renzi said, speaking to Italian RAI 1 TV on Tuesday.


French government pledges €250 million extra funding for French police

Faced with the growing anger of French police, the government has met with unions in Paris in an effort to defuse tensions.

Spontaneous protests by officers have sprung up in the last week over a lack of resources, an ever-increasing workload and a lack of up-to-date equipment to protect them from attack.

One police woman at the protest said she was there to ‘tell the government we’re unhappy with the current situation’ saying the , the police are suffering from ‘a lack of consideration, means and workforce’, she added ‘we can’t go on like this’.


CBS4 Investigation Finds People Voting Twice

An ongoing CBS4 voter fraud investigation has uncovered a dozen cases where Coloradans are suspected of voting twice. Previous CBS4 Investigations revealed ballots cast in the names of Coloradans who had been dead for months– sometimes years- before votes were cast in their names.

In six of the new cases, voting records show the same people voting twice in Colorado elections. In another six cases, people are suspected of voting in Colorado and another state during the same election cycle.


Transgender kids coming out younger, experts say after judges ordered 4-year-old to dress like a boy

More young transgender people are coming out, a sign that societal attitudes are becoming more welcoming when it comes to gender issues, according to an Alberta psychiatrist.

Edmonton-based Dr. Lorne Warneke is speaking out after CBC News reported Monday that two judges in southern Alberta had ruled that a child at the centre of a custody battle — who was born male but began identifying as a girl as early as age three — must dress as a boy.


UN Declares JUNK FOOD A ‘Human Rights’ Issue

A United Nations special representative called on the leaders of the world to craft policies that confront cheap, un-nutritious, industrially produced food Tuesday.

The UN special representative for the right to food also said governments need to craft stricter measures for corporate food producers without influence from food companies, the Associated Press reports.

“Within the human rights framework, states are obliged to ensure effective measures to regulate the food industry, ensure that nutrition policymaking spaces are free from private sector influence and implement comprehensive policies that combat malnutrition in all its forms,” Hilal Elver, the UN’s special representative on the right to food.


Brussels FURIOUS as Switzerland prioritises jobs for Swiss people

While not even a member of the 28-country bloc, the European Union (EU) nonetheless demanded a meeting with the Swiss migration minister yesterday.

Mario Gattiker said he was not in Brussels to defend the planned policy but “only to inform”.

He was questioned by EU officials about the “local preference light” scheme, which would see employers prioritise Swiss residents over non-Swiss residents.


Trump: Obama should be investigated over Clinton email server

U.S. Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump said on Tuesday that President Barack Obama should be investigated over a private email server Hillary Clinton used while secretary of state, saying Obama “knew all about” her email arrangements.

“That’s why he stuck up for Hillary, because he didn’t want to be dragged in. Because he knew all about her private server,” Trump said of the Democratic president in an interview with Reuters. “This means that he has to be investigated.”

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