Transgender tots, Part II: Unravelling the recovered memories hysteria

From Denyse O’Leary at MercatorNet:

As researchers have demonstrated in numerous experiments, human memory is malleable and may incorporate events seen, heard, or read about as personal experiences. Meanwhile, we have learned that even memories of traumatic events can alter.

In my view, several little-mentioned factors powered the recovered memories hysteria. First, recovered memories offered hope for healing. But they offered another benefit as well: In a world where midlife adults who consult therapists are not usually unconscious, innocent victims, the recovered memories entirely absolve the sufferer of responsibility for her pain. Crime analyst Kenneth Lanning has noted that most adults who recalled satanic sexual abuse also had a variety of mundane stresses, problems, and failures that might derive from a series of poor choices over time, as opposed to an exotic underlying cause.

Second, because so many recovered memory clients cut off all contact with their families, they tended to form mutual support groups for continued healing. The group could be a warm substitute family. But membership depended on maintaining one’s identity as an unconscious victim of abuse. Growing the group would require identifying more such victims, which amounted to saying it had become a way of life. More.

Reality check: Progressives use science when it suits their agenda and attack it when it doesn’t. That doesn’t matter when they have little power. But as their agendas are increasingly enforced by government, expect “science” to degenerate into little more than wads of data that supports enforcement of progressive agendas.

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