Launch of the RCMP Terrorism and Violent Extremism Awareness Guide

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police in Quebec wishes to inform the public of a new national security awareness tool now available to everyone: the Terrorism and Violent Extremism Awareness Guide.

This guide is intended for first responders, parents, colleagues or friends of persons at risk alike and is meant to help the reader to better understand and recognize the growing phenomenon of radicalization to violence.

It contains a host of information, including indicators of radicalization and early signs of a terrorist attack. It also explains the phenomenon of radicalization to violence and provides contact information for local agencies (government and non-government) to which you can ask for assistance or report suspicious behaviours.

You can read the guide here.

From the guide it would appear that both Left and Right wing extremism are threats equal to that posed by Islam. Normal people know this to be a lie and also know that our political masters are habitual liars promoting a fairy-tale version of Islam.

In fact both the RCMP and CSIS are on the public record stating that they lack the resources to properly monitor the level of Muslim terrorist activity in Canada.

You’ll note that Islam is only ever mentioned in terms of banned terror groups of which a significant listing is provided. There are 54 “banned terrorist entities” in the list, 44 of which are Muslim terrorist groups however the RCMP is quick to remind us that “Extremism” is “Diverse”.

Mosques are mentioned 4 times, and only in the context of being targets of “right wing extremism”.

The Koran is mentioned 6 times, 4 of which are statements describing the desire of specific Muslim terrorist groups to apply its teachings in a literal manner, which oddly enough is what Islam itself dictates in no uncertain terms. Mein Kamph gets a mention as a hate book, so should the Koran.

The RCMP definition of JIHADArabic for “Struggle.” Interpretations range from a personal effort to live according to Islam to defending Islam by means of an armed struggle in the name of Allah to establish Islam. Got that? All those many thousands of terror attacks, that daily litany of horror that Islam visits upon the Earth, have been “defensive” actions like 911, The Bataclan, Nice, Brussels, Charlie Hebdo, etc etc etc ad infinitum…

I got a kick out of the photo illustrating “Left Wing Extremism”. Note the “extremist” is sporting a Kaffiyeh. Pity the guide did not expand on the links between the Left and Islam.



RCMP Terrorism and Violent Extremism Awareness Guide