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Summary of Trump’s 100 Day Plan

Donald Trump has presented a comprehensive plan for the first 100 days of his presidency. Here is an outline of what he has proposed:


Cancel all unconstitutional Obama executive orders.
SCOTUS: Replace Scalia with a judge who will uphold the Constitution.
Establish term limits for Congress.
Hiring freeze for non-military government jobs.
Eliminate two existing regulations for each new regulation.
Five-year ban on post-Congress lobbying.
Limits on foreign governmental lobbying.
Fix Washington corruption.


YouTube vs. Conservative Speech

Last week, The Wall Street Journal wrote an editorial about YouTube restricting access to 16 videos — down from 21 — that were created and posted online by my nonprofit educational organization, Prager University. The subheading read, “YouTube thinks Dennis Prager’s videos may be dangerous.” The Journal said:

“Tech giants like Google and Facebook always deny that their platforms favor some viewpoints over others, but then they don’t do much to avoid looking censorious. … Dennis Prager’s ‘PragerU’ puts out free short videos on subjects ‘important to understanding American values’ — ranging from the high cost of higher education to the motivations of Islamic State.


Mob Of Over 100 Teenagers Assault Temple University Students, Punch Police Horse

A massive group of teenagers attack and rob Temple University Students. One of the teenagers even punched a police horse in the face.

Robberies and assaults happened all around the Temple University campus Friday night after several hundred teenagers met up for a flash mob style get together. Local authorities report that the teenagers all met up to get into the Pearl Movie Theater but were denied access after too many people showed up.

The mob of teenagers, ranging from ages 14 and up, decided to then cause trouble elsewhere. Groups of the teenagers roamed the Temple University’s North Philadelphia campus robbing and beating up random students. It was such a chaotic incident that three separate law enforcement agencies had to respond. The Philadelphia Police Department, Temple University police, SEPTA police ended up detaining over 50 of the teenagers.


Canadians becoming more immigrant friendly amid refugee crisis

A year after Canada opened its doors to 31,000 Syrian refugees, a new national survey finds Canadians have not been caught up in the xenophobia witnessed elsewhere, but have grown to be more immigrant friendly.

Almost half of Canadians said Canada has received the right number of Syrians, with 10 per cent saying too few were admitted, according to the joint survey by the Environics Institute and Canadian Race Relations Foundation conducted between Oct. 3 and 16.

Although 36 per cent of the 2,000 respondents said Canada was taking in too many Syrians, their primary concern was over the country’s capacity to support them and how it might divert resources from other priorities, rather than fear of newcomers failing to fit in or posing a security threat.


Campus police to probe ‘offensive’ Halloween costumes

Members of Tufts University’s Greek system have been told they could face “serious disciplinary sanctions” — including a possible investigation by the campus police — for wearing Halloween costumes that offend peers or make the campus community “feel threatened or unsafe.”


Why I’m (still) betting big on Donald Trump to win

Trump attracts 10,000 or more crazed fans to his events. Hillary attracts 200 to 500. And most of those attendees are Democrat Party employees or union hacks paid to be there! The exact number since August 1 is 561,000 for Trump events vs 31,000 for Hillary events.

Hillary can’t even sell her new book. As of this moment, it’s #5,568 at Amazon. It’s brand new. It’s written by the most high-profile woman in the world. She has had an audience of over 60 million watching each of the past three presidential debates. Yet no one is buying her book.

The signs are everywhere. Literally.


British toystore selling ‘Muslim Barbies’, Koran cards and prayer mats

Nazia Nasreen, 31, says her range of ‘Muslim Barbies’, colourful prayer mats, Koran cards and Arabic letter blocks fill a gap in the market and also help battle extremism.

Popular products include ‘Muslim Barbies’ for £25, foam Arabic alphabet blocks for £12.99, a cardboard minaret for £22, prayer mats for £17 and Ramadan bunting for £9.

The businesswoman, whose biggest markets are Britain and America, also says the toys can ‘instill the correct Islamic ethos and values in our children’ and put them on the path the peace.


Berkeley students barricade bridge, force whites to cross creek

Students at the University of California, Berkeley held a violent protest on campus Friday to demand additional segregated “spaces of color” for non-white students.

A video of the protest shows demonstrators repeatedly heckling white passersby, barring them entry to a key bridge on campus by forming a human chain while simultaneously allowing students of color to pass unmolested.

At one point, the video even shows a protester refusing to allow an older white man to cross the bridge, eventually directing him to cross by way of a creek that flows underneath the bridge.


LEAKED: Obama Team Kept List of Muslims For Top Jobs, Excluded Non-Muslims

According to an email chain from 2008, John Podesta received lists of exclusively Muslims and Asians to be considered for jobs in the Obama administration. The email chain revealed that in this process, Middle Eastern Christians were purposefully excluded, or set aside in a separate list.


Cologne New Year’s Eve Muslim Migrant Sex Attacks WIPED from Crime Record

Merkel seems determined to cover up the evidence of her betrayal of Germany and Europe. She will stop at nothing to cover for the Muslim migrants she has so recklessly brought into her country. But her effort is doomed to failure: even if most Germans forget the New Year’s Eve sex assaults, the Muslim migrants will not stop committing crimes. They have utter contempt for the kuffar law. Merkel won’t be able to cover that up forever.