Transgender tots? ‘Recovered memories’ hysteria is a warning from recent history

From Denyse O’Leary at MercatorNet:

In the last few years, a new sexual liberation movement, transgenderism, has arisen. It is complete with an ideology: A person can be born into the “wrong” sex and can correct that problem by amputations, hormones, change of name, pronouns and dress, demand for full public recognition as a member of the other sex, and punishment of those who simply do not believe it.

The ideology assumes that the mind can be at complete odds with the body and that the sex determination of every cell in the body in most humans is irrelevant. Recently, for example, we learned from a Dallas TV news outlet,

Marilyn, who was a boy at birth, returned to Cannon Elementary School in Grapevine this year as a transgender girl. The third grader says many of her classmates and teachers didn’t embrace the change.

The trouble was that the children insisted that Marilyn was still really a boy.

If you are wondering how likely it is that this transgender drama truly originated with and is continuously sustained by the child, you may find the “recovered memories ” movement of the 1980s and ‘90s of interest.

How bad did it get? In North America during the 1980s, claims of satanic ritual abuse of children by family or authority figures—only discovered later through these specialized “recovered memory” techniques—soon raged out of all proportion to likelihood.

Many of the claims did not even seem possible. But therapists were convinced that their clients were telling “the truth.” Law enforcement and social science professionals, reluctant to be seen as “uncaring” were forced to take the claims seriously. More.

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Reality check: Unchecked in the years to come, the transgender tots trend will likely take the same course as the recovered memories movement: irreparable damage to many. A theory does not need to be defensible in a science-based way in order to become enforceable; it only needs cultural backing. Today, the adoption of naturalism, which dismisses the ability of the average human to see reality accurately, means that ever bigger government can enforce obedience to these trends more strictly and with fewer consequences.

Any who would resist must consider their resources and their origin. If you work for or depend on big government, support for these hysterias may just be part of your psychic taxes.

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