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Now The Referees Are Kneeling For The National Anthem

NFL players, soccer players, and recently national anthem singers have been refusing to stand for our national anthem in protest of police. Now even the referees are getting in on disrespecting our nation and hero veterans to protest for an unrelated “cause.”

A paid referee at a Southwest-Croatan High School football game kneeled during the national anthem on Friday night. That’s right, funds given for children’s sports are going towards paying this guy for his act of disrespect. The unnamed referee was allowed to continue to work through the game and there have been no reported consequences for his actions.


Dion: “The exceptional interest in Canada is largely due to Trudeau’s charisma”

“The exceptional interest in our country is largely due to the charisma of our Prime Minister, but not only that. It is also due to his message: a message of hope, confidence, openness and inclusive growth… His message is clear: our country is strong not despite its diversity, but because of it. He said that we should not accept fewer refugees, but more. He said that every wave of refugees makes us stronger than before. And he said that Canada would be back on the world stage.”

The whole world says, “He’s so dreamy.”


Sorority claims ‘whites wanting to be black’ is ‘white privilege’

The event, simply titled “White Privilege,” took place on October 3 in the Business Building at TCNJ, but the sorority acknowledged that it was difficult to spur interest at the predominantly-white school.

Caitlyn Fair, a Lambda Tau Omega and TCNJ alumna who is now a teacher in the area, told the assembly that the conversation is necessary because many people deny the existence of white privilege, or else employ the phrase “I don’t see color” as a means of avoiding the subject.

Also problematic, one participant asserted, is the phenomenon of “whites wanting to be black.”


Brock University stamps out ‘prohibited’ Halloween costumes

One Ontario university has already laid down the law on what costumes will be “prohibited” at the campus Halloween party this year.

Brock University’s list includes ankle-length robes worn by Arab men, makeup depicting Japanese geishas, anything with the Confederate flag on it, and costumes that depict Caitlyn Jenner, the transgender celebrity.

According to the school’s “costume protocol” developed by the student union, traditional or religious headdresses such as feathered bonnets and turbans, are also off limits.


No Justice in the Netherlands

A court in The Hague decided on October 14 that the charges of hate speech against Dutch politician Geert Wilders, for statements he made in March 2014 at a political rally, are admissible in a court of law. It thereby rejected the Wilders’ appeal to throw out the charges as inadmissible in a court of law on the grounds that these are political issues and that a trial would in fact amount to a political process. The criminal trial against Wilders will begin on Monday, October 31.

While campaigning in The Hague in March 2014, Wilders argued the need for fewer Moroccans in the Netherlands. At an election meeting in The Hague, he asked those present a number of questions, one of which was “Do you want more or fewer Moroccans?” After the crowd responded “fewer” Wilders said, “We’re going to organize that.”

Because of the “fewer Moroccans” statements, repeated again in an interview a few days later, Wilders will be prosecuted on two counts: First for “deliberately insulting a group of people because of their race.” Second, for “inciting hatred or discrimination against these people.”


Why You Shouldn’t Use Transgender Pronouns

It does not matter what you or I mean by the word “gender.” The only opinion that counts is that of the state, as the state alone has the power to impose its belief on us. In law, our gender identity is defined without reference to our body, meaning the shift from sex to gender is the shift from body to mind.

It is, then, also the shift from the given to the chosen, from the fixed to the fluid, and from a number (two, binary) to any number (non-binary). Unlike his sex, John’s gender identity is immaterial. This requires new ways in which to communicate our identity—hence the arrival on campuses across America of “preferred pronouns” lapel badges.

You don’t need to be a psychology professor to realize than an attempt to transplant pronouns from the body to the mind is an attempt to destroy our ability to communicate. Consider: John can choose from infinite gender identities, with no fixed link between any one gender identity and any one set of pronouns.


Trudeau: “Climate change is real, money spent on fixing extreme weather events”

Speaking to students at Mohawk College in Hamilton, Ont. on October 21, 2013, prime minister Justin Trudeau defended his carbon pricing policy to be imposed on all provinces and territories.

Trudeau said that the challenges of climate change are real and have an impact also on the economy as money is spent to fix the damages caused by extreme weather events.

The carbon pricing policy, Trudeau emphasized, will generate “tremendous opportunities for clean jobs” and for “responsible growth” while the revenues will stay in the provinces for any purpose they see fit from supporting low-income families to compensate farmers.


Ottawa police stopping Middle Eastern, black drivers at ‘disproportionate’ rate

Middle Eastern and black drivers — particularly young men — were far more likely to be stopped by Ottawa police than other drivers, according to a report analyzing two years of traffic stops.

A York University research team examined 81,902 traffic stops involving Ottawa residents from 2013 to 2015 where officers recorded their perception of the driver’s race, as well as their gender, age range, the reason for the stop and whether the stop resulted in charges.


How a Clinton victory could affect Canada

“It’s a safe assumption that a Clinton presidency would be more consistent with most Canadian interests than a Trump one.”


How a Trump victory could affect Canada

“The thing with Trump is, we don’t know what he thinks. He has been so inconsistent on everything, and specifically on foreign and defence policy.”