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Could cyber attack which took down Twitter and Amazon have been ‘practice’ for the US election day?

They used internet connected ‘devices’, such as webcams, baby monitors and DVD recorders, to launch a DDoS or ‘distributed denial of service’ attack, which involves bombarding a server with so many hits it cannot deal with the demand and is driven offline.

Since then, a theory has emerged online asking whether the assault could have been ‘practice’ for something even larger, designed for the US presidential election day on November 8.


‘Kill All Police’ Graffiti Threatens Detroit Law Enforcement

Detroit Police Chief James Craig addressed reporters Friday afternoon in response to a graffiti message found in the area of W. State Fair Avenue and John R. Street, reading, “Kill All Police. Kill James Craig,” WWJ reported.

“Is it troubling? Absolutely. Do we take it serious? Yes we do,” Craig said. “Given the environment that we’re in today, we don’t take threats lightly. Any time you threaten a Detroit police officer — and now the Detroit Police Chief — that’s a threat on all of us.”


Protesters break into Muskrat Falls hydro site in Labrador, form blockade outside

Nalcor Energy says around 50 protesters have broken into the Muskrat Falls hydroelectric site in Labrador.

Nalcor spokeswoman Karen O’Neill says protesters and several vehicles breached the main gate Saturday afternoon.

She says a blockade of around 150 people outside the gate has obstructed access to the work site near Happy Valley-Goose Bay.


Father gives blessing for boy, 11, to marry cousin, 12

While celebrating his eldest son’s wedding, Nasser Hassan ‘doubled the joy’ by announcing the engagement of the two schoolchildren.

But the father’s blessing has caused outrage in Egypt where it is illegal to marry under the age of 18, according to the Washington Post.

Hassan told Egypt’s Al Watan newspaper there was ‘nothing inappropriate’ about the coupling of Omar, 12 and Gharam, 11, adding it was only ‘an engagement’.


Government ignored offer of age experts to check Calais migrant ‘children’

The Local Government Association offered expert social workers to the Home Office in August to help prepare for the arrival of refugees from the soon-to-be-cleared migrant camp.

But despite ignoring the group’s offer, the government has now asked them to step in as the furore builds over the age of the “child” migrants.

David Simmonds, chairman of the LGA’s asylum, refugee and migration task group, said: “We made the offer in August and the Home Office didn’t take it up at the time.

“They only started asking for social workers with age assessment experience on Friday.”

An aerial picture taken in Calais on October 9, 2015 shows a site dubbed the "New Jungle", where some 3,000 people have set up camp -- most seeking desperately to get to England, . The slum-like migrant camp sprung up after the closure of notorious Red Cross camp Sangatte in 2002, which had become overcrowded and prone to violent riots. However migrants and refugees have kept coming and the "New Jungle" has swelled along with the numbers of those making often deadly attempts to smuggle themselves across the Channel. AFP PHOTO / DENIS CHARLET (Photo credit should read DENIS CHARLET/AFP/Getty Images)

UK charities flag child safety fears ahead of Calais ‘Jungle’ closure

British charities and lawmakers have urged French Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve to ensure the safety of children in the “Jungle” Calais migrant camp during its demolition set for Monday.

The signatories said in a letter dated Friday they had “very serious worries concerning the security and well-being of unaccompanied minors and vulnerable adults”.

Cazeneuve has pledged that all remaining migrants at the site, currently occupied by around 5,700 people according to official figures, would be given “dignified” shelter after the camp is cleared.

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What Is to Be Done? Trump Has Some Ideas

Donald Trump has come out with his “Contract with the American Voter.” Hmmm, where have we heard this “contract” language before? Do I see the roly-poly profile of the person who’s name rhymes with “flute” lurking in the shadows?

Actually this is a good idea for Trump. Beyond the wall, tax cut plan, and his views of tighter scrutiny for Muslim immigrants, he’s been lacking in details. His contract is quite specific, offering 28 specific items in four separate groupings. The first six are the things he pledges to on his first day in office.


UN terrorism “expert” absurdly claims that ISIS doesn’t use refugees to launch attacks

Ben Emmerson, UN Special Rapporteur on counter terrorism and human rights, claimed on October 21 at a UN meeting, ” There is no evidence that terrorist groups take advantage of refugee flows to carry out acts of terrorism.” As we show, this is quite untrue.