University of Toronto Professor Is Simply Not Insane

He’s a hurricane of fresh air, this university professor who baldly says that one of the many reasons he won’t adopt the faddish new non-binary gender pronouns is that “the people who made those words are possessed by ideology and not to be trusted anyway.”

In fact, Dr. Jordan Peterson, the man at the centre of a freedom-of-speech battle at the University of Toronto, isn’t even certain that the whole gender-identity/gender-expression issue isn’t really at heart a question of fashion.

“Because the logic underlying the arguments is that … biological sex, gender identity and gender expression vary independently,” he says — noting quickly that that is “absolutely contradicted by the data,” which shows 98% of people have the same gender identity as their biological sex — “it has become unmoored from the underlying reality” and is “all interpretation.”

“Well, if it’s all interpretation it’s not distinguishable from fashion,” he says.