Canadian mainstream media free fall continues

Unforced errors are a significant part of the problem. From Roy Greenslade at the Guardian:

Over the full 12 months, the company said it lost $352.5m (£217.4m). That compared with a loss of $263.4m (£162.4m) in the previous year.

Chief executive Paul Godfrey said during a call to analysts: “We must accelerate the transformation of our business operations to align our cost structure with our revenue outlook”.

Postmedia publishes the National Post, Ottawa Citizen, Vancouver Sun, Calgary Herald plus 12 more dailies and over 40 local weeklies. More.

Reality check: It won’t work because the one thing PostMedia, which began well, won’t do is align its business operations with what Canadians really care about. So we go elsewhere for news, fantasy, or whatever.

Recently, I was reflecting on the curious inability of our typical media soon-to-be-unemployeds to ask honest questions about “multiculturalism.”

They blather innocently, that “Canada is a multicultural country.”

No. Canada has never been a multicultural country.

The three founding groups were the First Nations, the French, and the English. The First Nations essentially adopted the religion of the incoming Europeans, along with their technology, so what emerged was a culture that made general Western European assumptions.

For example, we do not chop girls’ genitals in order to keep them pure. Thanks to multiculturalism, that practice is catching on in the US.

So far as we know, our children’s hospitals do not do that operation here. Not for now.

But if multiculturalism is good, why isn’t FGM good? And why can’t we have a discussion with incoming would-be immigrants where these kinds of issues are openly on the table – without prompting a spasm of stupidity among journalism grads?

In part, that’s because the soon-to-be-bankrupt PostMedia would never have had the guts to sponsor an honest discussion. There are other reasons they are dying, but sheer gutlessness is one of them.

In a truly multicultural society:

1. People would be allowed to inflict severe cruelty on animals or children merely for fun if it is their culture—and anyone who tried to create a controversy over it would be regarded as a bigot.

2. Sex with children and animals would be legal, provided cultural justifications are offered.

3. It would be difficult to just change religions or say one didn’t believe in the religion into which one was born if members of that religion chose to make trouble.

4. People who murder relatives over family disputes about values would receive significantly reduced sentences if it could be shown that there was a cultural justification.

5. Private courts could mete out justice, including criminal justice, as long as the matter is deemed to be within the culture.

6. Schools would not be allowed to teach about the Holocaust if it offends anti-Semites (that’s their culture, see?)

7. Slavery and sex slavery would be legal, if sanctioned by the culture.

One could offer many similar examples from around the world but these popped up due to recent news stories.

The single stupidest statement I have ever heard in Canadian politics (but certainly coming from the right mouth) was Justin Trudeau’s claim to the dying New York Times that Canadians have no “core” identity. If that were true, why aren’t all these practices, which are tolerated or sanctioned elsewhere, legal and protected here?

G’bye PostMedia. You’re FIRED!! It’s true that you forced the Globe to become a better paper in the ’90s but that was a long time ago.

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