Facebook has been trending fake news

Fom Charlie Nash at Breitbart:

The Washington Post’s “The Intersect” section tracked and logged every false news story that trended on Facebook since the social network fired its politically biased news curators in August, and discovered five stories that were “indisputably fake,” as well as three that were “profoundly inaccurate.”

“On top of that, we found that news releases, blog posts from sites such as Medium and links to online stores such as iTunes regularly trended,” claims Caitlin Dewey for the Washington Post.

The false stories reportedly included one which described the 9/11 terrorist attacks as a “controlled demolition,” a satirical story about the unannounced iPhone 8 published by “Faking News,” and a satirical sports story from the comedy site SportsPickle. More.

Reality check: The editors, we are told, were dumped because they were too “liberal” even for Facebook, which probably means just a little to the right of NoKo for genuine news coverage. That said, as few Facebook users really care about news as such, fake news will become more common.

Facebook is no different from the Hollywood sitcoms and thrillers that Facebookers would normally watch except for the pretense that it is all somehow news. The main question for the rest of us is, where to go for non-fake news.

Note: The Washington Post, now Amazon founder Jeff Bezos’s hobby, originally fronted this story:

As part of a larger audit of Facebook’s Trending topics, the Intersect logged every news story that trended across four accounts during the workdays from Aug. 31 to Sept. 22. During that time, we uncovered five trending stories that were indisputably fake and three that were profoundly inaccurate. On top of that, we found that news releases, blog posts from sites such as Medium and links to online stores such as iTunes regularly trended. Facebook declined to comment about Trending on the record.“I’m not at all surprised how many fake stories have trended,” one former member of the team that used to oversee Trending told the Post. “It was beyond predictable by anyone who spent time with the actual functionality of the product, not just the code.” (The team member, who had signed a nondisclosure agreement with Facebook, spoke on the condition of anonymity.)

But it is hard to see how the Post—today—would be any improvement at all. We are many decades from Woodward and Bernstein.

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