Corpses EXPLODING in Venezuela’s morgues as cash-strapped Socialist country cannot afford to provide air conditioning

Decomposing bodies are exploding in morgues amid the crippling economic collapse in Venezuela as there isn’t enough money to pay for air conditioning, it’s been reported.

The shocking claim, made by the conservative political FrontPage Magazine, is one of the more macabre stories to emerge from the country lately.

It follows reports from other sources in recent weeks that prisoners are starving to death in the nation’s jails, newborn babies are sleeping in cardboard boxes instead of incubators in hospitals and opposition lawmakers have not been paid for months.

According to the FrontPage article by Texas-based journalist David Paulin, a corpse that had been decomposing for two days in tropical heat at University Hospital Antonio Patricio de Alcalá, in Cumaná, ‘finally exploded in a spray of toxic fluids and gasses’.