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DNC Officials Plotting to Attack Old Women at Trump Rally

Seeing is believing, and this is a video you MUST watch. Project Veritas Action posted it’s 3rd undercover YouTube video Wednesday showing confessions from DNC insiders of their plotting and scheming to disrupt a Trump rally. Their main goal was to target and bully women.


Europe prepares for influx of defeated ISIS Jihadi’s disguised as refugees

Europe must prepare for a fresh influx of Isis jihadists fleeing Mosul as the Iraqi Army moves in on their last stronghold in the country, the EU’s security commissioner said.

“The retaking of the [Isis] northern Iraq territory, Mosul, may lead to the return to Europe of violent [Isis] fighters,” Julian King said. “This is a very serious threat and we must be prepared to face it.”

Some 2500 EU nationals are fighting alongside Isis (Islamic State), he added. He said that if even a handful return it would pose a “serious threat that we must prepare ourselves for”.


‘We can’t prove sex with children does them harm’ says Labour-linked NCCL

Evidence has emerged that the views of the Paedophile Information Exchange influenced policy-making at the National Council for Civil Liberties when it was run by former Labour Health Secretary Patricia Hewitt.

PIE members were lobbying NCCL officials for the age of consent to be reduced and campaigning for “paedophile love”.

Their view that children were not harmed by having sex with adults appears to have been adopted by those at the top of the civil liberties group.


One year in: Top five ways Trudeau and his Liberals are ruining Canada

On October 19th, 2015, Canadians made what was in my view, a disastrous decision by not only electing Justin Trudeau and his Liberals, but doing so while giving him a very healthy majority.

While it wasn’t a landslide and they received less of the popular vote than Stephen Harper did when he won his majority in 2011, due to the way seats are distributed, the Liberals were in a position where they could do whatever they wanted.

Fortunately, they’ve been so busy “consulting” with Canadians they haven’t moved on to actually doing things in some areas but the bad ideas remain waiting to be executed.


Columbia threatens to punish students who take notes during sexual-misconduct proceedings

Columbia University is making it harder for students to hold it accountable for how the Ivy League school runs “gender-based misconduct” proceedings.

It has previously banned students from bringing a recording device into the proceedings, and now Columbia has stopped accusers and accused students from even “transcribing” what happens during proceedings.


Internet Sleuths Connect Hillary With Attempt to Frame Assange as Pedo, Russian Spy

Not only is the story a complete lie, but it appears the people behind it issued veiled threats on Julian Assange and his lawyer’s lives.


After Body Cameras Show That Black Lives Matter’s Claims Are Fabricated, They Don’t Want Them

We are pro-black lives, but oppose Black Lives Matter, which is a political group that is doing more harm for black people than helping. Many police agencies are embracing body cameras. The public loves body cameras. They show 100% transparency when it comes to police accountability.

This brings us to the big question of why does Black Lives Matter want to end the police use of body cameras?


Black Lives Matter Activist Sues Trump Campaign For Negligence

Two black protesters filed a lawsuit against the Trump campaign and the Birmingham-Jefferson Convention Complex (BJCC) after being attacked by Trump supporters at a rally last year.

Mercutio Terrell Southall, Sr., a Black Lives Matter activist, and Carlos Montez Chaverst, Jr., a Birmingham activist, sued for $1 million in damages, reports

The central tenet of their suit is the assumption that a ticket purchase to a Trump rally also comes with the reasonable expectation of protection, for which the Trump campaign would be responsible.


Swedish City to Offer Returning Jihadis Free Housing, Driving Lessons, and Debt Forgiveness

Several municipalities in Sweden are making plans for how they plan to “re-integrate” returning jihadis as Iraqi and Kurdish soldiers launch an offensive on Islamic State’s terrorist stronghold, Mosul.

The conclusion of authorities in the medieval city of Lund, which has dealt with returning fighters before, is that defectors from the Salafist supremacist terror group should be handled in the same way as those who leave the organised crime scene.

Practical support in such a situation entails the state first evaluating the needs of returning jihadis, before helping them with housing, employment, and day-to-day welfare as it rules necessary.


“No Son of a Bastard Will Remain Alive After Swearing at My Prophet”

In the West governments have the duty to protect free speech as well as other freedoms (exceptions for reasonable censorship – for example, sexually explicit content). The point is that ideas and concepts should be up for debate in order for society to learn and advance. Unfortunately, in much of the Islamic world certain ideas are not only prohibited by they can be punishable up to a death sentence. Let’s take a look at some examples of Muslim support for blasphemy laws.