Catastrophe: Trump Wins Third & Final Debate

Our American friend on last night’s debate:

Donald Trump handily won the third & final presidential debate last night. This wasn’t supposed to happen and American media were none too happy about it. Imagine even more biased coverage, if you can.

Trump’s performance was a mix of the restrained and the pugnacious. Mostly, he kept to the issues, consistently challenged Hillary and at times took the fight directly to her. On issue after issue he delivered his message of change and opposition to corruption to the American voter. Camera shots repeatedly showed an angry Hillary, who had let Trump get under her skin.

Trump deftly used the astonishing revelations of corruption and influence peddling set out in the series of Wikileaks email releases. Clinton tried to deflect her comment supporting open borders by segueing to the electricity grid. It was even more of a non-sequitur to hear it than to read this.

I could go through every parry and thrust of the debate but there’d be precious little of value for readers of Blazing Cat Fur. No, the total effect is what they are looking for and in that the headline of this post says it all.

Trump was supposed to be taken out in this debate but he didn’t comply. It must be said that the moderator of the debate, Chris Wallace of FOX News, did a fine job but mostly by comparison to the awful, biased jobs of the previous ones. That shouldn’t be the bar but then again America shouldn’t be in so much trouble, at home or abroad, either.

One indication of media distress is how they fastened onto one answer from Trump concerning the outcome of the election. Would he abide by it? he was asked. Trump said he’d make his decision at the time of the actual election. Goodness, the vapors from the corrupt Fourth Estate started immediately and has continued into this morning.

Besides being knowingly and grossly mischaracterized (news outlets claimed Trump “refused” to abide by results, manifestly untrue as any honest person who watched the debate can testify), media spun this answer into yet another all purpose reason as to why he wasn’t fit to be President. I’m sure they hope it helps them pull Hillary over the finish line but Americans discount media in ways never before seen.

What this mantra also does, which is something of a Trump trademark, is to remind voters just how frequently democrats challenge election integrity when they lose. The case of Florida in the 2000 is the most obvious example but even as late as 2015 now Secretary of State and 2004 democratic presidential nominee John Kerry was complaining about vote fraud in Ohio, whose electors, if awarded to him, would have made him president.

With the debates over, Americans are left with ferociously biased, unethical media coverage of the race while Trump barnstorms across the country. Hillary simply isn’t healthy enough to do the same and we’ll soon find out which strategy is the more effective.

One thing avoided at this time is discussion of the projected turnout on November 8th. By dint of the passage of time that will soon end and the polling elites will be forced to reckon with Trump’s underlying strengths and Hillary’s profound lack of enthusiasm in the populace.

The conventional wisdom is that Hillary will win in a landslide but all national tracking polls have Trump tied or ahead. Various state polls from our august media tell a different tale but I expect those to suddenly narrow in conformity with reality on the ground.

I expect Trump to win and the shock to the ruling class of America and associated elites will be profound and ugly. One need only look to the Brexit Remain camp to see the rage when globalists are thwarted when people are given a voice in their own governance.

The reaction may well be so severe that I’ll have to immigrate to Canada to avoid the fallout, a delightfully perverse outcome that pleases my Irish black sense of comedy.

Reality check: Hey, Gilmore would be welcome! Ale!! More ale!!

But as local commentators have often pointed out, Americans’ big problem is that they win the war but LOSE the peace.

If Trump won, the process of driving authoritarian and totalitarian bureaucrats from public life and then disarming the new global elite – and developing media that cause them all to be seen for what they are, not how New York and Hollywood market them – must begin immediately. But none of it probably will.

So they’ll all just lie in wait, and make up for lost time with the next election cycle. Rube, Boob, Bubba, Dorsey, Tansy, and Hick will be informed that their EBT cards now pay for hillbilly heroin (these people no longer have jobs) —oh, and they should forget about their bitter, twisted religion. The state is their religion now.

But remember, at least they voted for it, then or now. Many people worldwide do not have that privilege.

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Our American friend on last night’s debate: