Quebec renews burqa ban debate in parliament

A bitter debate over identity, religion and tolerance has resumed in the Canadian province of Quebec, as parliamentary hearings begin on proposed legislation that would ban anyone wearing a face covering from receiving public services in the province.

The bill, tabled by the provincial Liberals last year, aims to address the issue of state neutrality and provide a framework for religious accommodation requests.

But much of the public discussion of the bill has focused on its attempt to ban face coverings. The provincial government has said there are no public employees in the province who cover their faces, meaning the legislation is likely directed at Muslim women who wear the niqab or burqa.

  • G

    But if the same thing were debated in Alberta or Saskatchewan journalists would call it racist.

  • A burqa ban is a good first step.

    But, if you want real action, close the mosques and arrest the mullahs.

  • K1

    no clown masks either 🙂
    all face coverings should be band EVERYWHERE…think security
    all the robberies that have happened using masks and niqabs
    …. except on …. Hallowe’en

  • barryjr

    Being a white Canadian citizen I have to take off anything that could cover my face in most public places yet members of the misogynistic pedophile worshiping bigoted middle eastern death cult demand they can hide their terrorist supporting faces. Normally I despise anything from Quebec but I hope the rest of the country copies them on this one.

  • FactsWillOut

    Quebec always makes the mistake of voting Liobtard when they should have voted PQ.
    PQ has an endearing xenophobic core that I find particularly attractive.
    On PQ supporter that I met said “I vote PQ because they’re racist like me.”