Ontario’s Great Green Depression soon to go national

Justin's Other MommyOn Tuesday, my colleagues at the Toronto Sun heard about a woman who got up early every morning this past summer just to go sit in a nearby air-conditioned mall. A neighbour offered to buy her an air conditioner for her home, but she politely declined. She just couldn’t afford the electricity to run it.

In the last seven years, since the Ontario Liberals began pushing “green” energy, the cost of electricity has almost doubled. This year, the average family’s bill has gone up by another $50 a month – some claim up to $100 – a month!

  • Linda1000

    Well, as early as 2013 Trudeau was yammering about a “price for carbon” but Cdns. didn’t listen and voted for him anyway. He didn’t make it a big focal point of his campaign but a little research or questioning him on his policies might have helped Cdns. to vote a little more wisely. What does that say about the intelligence of the majority of Cdn. voters just marking a ballot like sheep because the candidate has a really cool image and wanted to legalize pot.

    • Observer

      You forgot about all the non-Canadians who illegally voted for him.

      • Linda1000

        Do you mean ones with just permanent residency and not citizenship and in which areas or districts? I think in my riding, the voting was fairly clean as Michelle Rempel (Cons) was elected but who knows.

  • ontario john

    I read the other day on how the union at the Downsview aircraft plant, had to agree to parts being made in Mexico and China instead of Canada. Two countries of course that don’t worry about global warming scams.

  • Alain

    Of course it is going national since the ones behind the ruin of Ontario are now in Ottawa pulling the puppet’s strings. One would be hard pressed to find more of a radical eco-fascist than Butts.

  • andycanuck

    Just wait until the Carbon Dioxide Tax actually starts getting charged. Then the pain will really, really start.

  • reidjr

    In Ontario its really Ottawa and Toronto that have projected while the rest has gone to the dumpster while in Alberta Calgary and Edmonton are not being protected.

  • WalterBannon

    Why do you think the liberals required utilities to change their billing periods to monthly?

    To make the stupid useful idiots PERCEIVE their bills as being lower.

    Its like the scam by consumer goods companies who make the box smaller to hide the price increase.