Neutron Bomb Election

Collate the Podesta e-mails. Read Colin Powell’s hacked communications. Review Hillary’s Wall Street speeches and the electronic exchanges between the media, the administration, and the Clinton campaign. The conclusion is an incestuous world of hypocrisy, tsk-tsking condescension, sanitized shake-downs, inside profiteering, snobby high entertainment — and often crimes that would put anyone else in jail.

The players are also quite boring and predictable.

  • Alain

    It brings back memories of how things were where I lived in Africa.

  • WalterBannon

    I look forward to a dystopian future where politicians are automatically assumed to be guilty of corruption in office and get summarily executed at the end of their second term. The ultimate term limit. Quit after one term or face death after two.

  • G

    So one might ask the geniuses at the National Review why this column of the incestuous nature of the Washington political/media/bureaucratic elite was not written 5 years ago?

    You just now discovered these facts did you?
    Or is it that this Donald Trump you scorn so much as a buffoon is already upsetting the status quo?

    The author of this article is worse than a rat deserting a sinking ship.
    At least fleeing rats don’t turn back and point to their previous companions and shout about what vermin they are.

    • Minicapt

      They wrote about it ten years ago. And have repeated the message regularly.