Iranian Americans sentenced to prison for work with ‘hostile’ US government

A court in Tehran has sentenced an Iranian-American businessman and his father to 10 years in prison each on charges of collaborating with the “hostile” US government, in the latest case targeting Iranians with dual citizenship.

Iran’s Mizan Online news agency, which is affiliated with the country’s judiciary, reported on Tuesday that Siamak Namazi, and his father, Baquer, a former Unicef official, had been convicted of “collaborating with the hostile government of America”.

  • Millie_Woods

    Everything Obama touches turns to shit. Undoubtedly the most incompetent, clueless and inept man to hold that office. The title ‘President of the United States of America’ will never again hold the same mystique or sense of honour after being bestowed on such an ignoble and utterly common man. It’s been eight years of Homer Simpson without the laughs.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Hey you made your choice. Either you’re American or you’re Iranian. Sucks to be you today