Human Sacrifice in the 21st Century- Surprise! its us!


I have a lot of reasons for wanting Trump to win the presidency some of them are negative in nature but more of them are positive. One of them is that he promises to protect us from unnecessary sacrifice. Lest you think that I am being overly dramatic or hyperbolic, think about the word sacrifice. When we think of human sacrifice we tend to think of it as a religious practice, something that took place only in the benighted past. It was, we like to believe, a practice born of superstition and ignorance, something we could never countenance today. And yet, we now see human sacrifice on a regular basis in the middle east, in Europe and the US. Surprisingly, I have come to agree with the Obama, Kerry, Clinton unwillingness to call this Islamic terror. Not that I doubt the existence of Islamic terror. Its just that I have come to see that it is really a liberal/progressive plan that encompasses many other kinds of terror- some obvious and some not. I would call it liberal/progressive human sacrifice. What qualifies it as human sacrifice and what is its purpose? Let me explain…,

…It is a modern reprise of Shirley Jackson’s nightmarish and brilliant short story, The Lottery.


The Lottery is a tale of a congenial-seeming, mid-twentieth century  “American” village in which the villagers gather every year to participate in a lottery in which one innocents villager is chosen by lot to be stoned to death. They do this in the belief that the lottery in some way gives stability to their lives and fosters economic security. The difference now between this fiction and our reality is that “Mr Stevens”, the person who ran the lottery took part in the risk of lottery himself and was not the exclusive economic beneficiary. He was exposed to the jeopardy along with the rest and got no extra pay or security. Obama, Kerry, and Clinton want the rest of us to give up our arms, take down our fences, open our borders, forget the serial terror, ignore the blood of our neighbors and accept the chance that we will be next- as a normal part of life; while they go on amassing huge personal fortunes, selling out the interests of the people who actually make and do things of value, and wielding power that is less and less fettered by constitutional limits. Read more…