Continental Breakfast


Trump Will Bring Obama’s Half-Brother As His Guest To Tomorrow’s Debate

Just when you thought the shock value of Trump may have peaked when the Republican candidate brought with him some of the most prominent sexual accusers of Bill Clinton to the second debate, he has once again outdone himself, and as the NY Post reports, President Obama’s half-brother will attend Wednesday night’s presidential debate in Las Vegas as Trump’s guest.

“I’m excited to be at the debate. Trump can make America great again,” Malik Obama, the president’s sibling on his father’s side and fan of Donald Trump’s, told the Post.


Hungary Helps Persecuted Christians, Resists Muslim Immigration

“Today, Christianity has become the most persecuted religion, where out of five people killed [for] religious reasons, four of them are Christians. In 81 countries around the world, Christians are persecuted, and 200 million Christians live in areas where they are discriminated against. Millions of Christian lives are threatened by followers of radical religious ideologies.”

“Followers of radical religious ideologies” is of course code for Muslims—they who are responsible for the overwhelming majority of Christian persecution in the world.


Transgender activists attack free speech rally defending professor who won’t say ‘ze’

Students at the University of Toronto say their student government is fabricating hate crimes, while ignoring attacks made on free speech advocates at an event last week.

The student government accused supporters of a U of T psychology professor – now under fire for his public comments dismissing genderless pronouns – of assaulting transgender students at a rally on Tuesday.


‘You should learn Arabic in order to speak to migrants’ says stupid German politician

Worried Germans who are struggling to come to terms with the volume of immigrants arriving in their country should learn Arabic so they can communicate with the refugees, claims outspoken Green Party politician Volker Beck.


People of colour ‘shut out’ of Supreme Court, Halifax social worker says

The prime minister’s appointment of another white man to the Supreme Court of Canada is a missed opportunity, and proof that people of colour have been “shut out” from the high court, a Halifax social worker says.


Trump Supporters Are ‘Profoundly Evil’

“One theme of this election in general is that it might advance a lot of conversations but it also proves how far society has to go. And that’s putting it politely. I’m not sure what words to use, but there’s something profoundly evil about the Trump campaign at this point, and the people he attracts to it. And I think that’s the right word to use.”


The unbelievable popularity of Canada’s Justin Trudeau

Justin Trudeau just keeps on moving. On one day, he’s at a Montreal arena with the visiting Chinese premier dropping a ceremonial puck. Both are wearing Canadiens hockey sweaters. On another, he’s thousands of miles away in British Columbia greeting the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge at the start of a royal visit. Then he’s in southern Ontario popping the keg at a local Oktoberfest.


James O’Keefe: If Media Covered Project Veritas Like They Covered Trump Tape, ‘I Guarantee You Trump Would Win the Election’

Marlow summed up the state of Project Veritas’ investigation: “You’ve infiltrated a Clinton Super PAC. Not only have you exposed that they claim to be communicating regularly with the Clinton campaign, which is illegal, but they are putting in massive amounts of resources to quite aggressively create violence during the Trump rallies, and then plan to blame them on Trump.”

After Marlow played a clip from the undercover Project Veritas video, O’Keefe said it was “evidence of criminal campaign coordination violations,” since “a Super PAC can’t work with Hillary’s campaign.”


Mayor quits after comparing Obama family to apes

In June he posted an image of five orangutans in a wheelbarrow, and captioned it: ‘Aww… Moving day at the White House has finally arrived.’

He has also posted Islamophobic and racist memes calling Muslims paedophiles and refugees terrorists.


  • vimy

    Volker Beck obviously is not German for toothbrush.

    • tom_billesley

      I hesitate to think what he’s sucking on to have that much of an oral hygiene problem. Whatever it is, it’s probably muslim.

  • Nova Scotia was the only place in Canada where racial segregation was systemically practiced. I don’t think it was across the Province, but certainly in particular Municipalities.

    Today, I think Toronto is the only place where any sort of segregation is acceptable — in some of the Publicly-funded schools.

  • “Mayor quits after comparing Obama family to apes”

    But was okay for Obama to refer to Trump supporters as something akin to “swamp” inhabitants in his recent speech.

    • I’ve been wondering if your image issues are Disqus related. Is the problem with images in the post itself or the comments section?

  • xavier

    So I want to challenge pyjama journo lboy as to how Trump supporters are evil. I see no proof so please supply factual evidence.

    As for the Super package nothing will happen unless somebody use RICO and implements a relentess lawfare strategy against them. Powerful people need to populate supermax prisions for decades

    • AG Lynch already announced earlier this year that she wants to use RICO to convict “climate deniers”.

  • ontario john

    Everyone in Canada is excited today. This is the one year anniversary of Canada’s favorite prime minister coming to power. Yes, he will be holding interviews all day, so Canadians can hear his wise words and get a glimpse of him. He is so wonderful and cool. In related news Trudeau met with Chinese billionaires who gave him his latest orders on turning Canada over to China.

    • tom_billesley

      In public view, he’s doing the job of a minor member of the royal family, not that of a PM.

  • G

    people of colour have been “shut out” from the high court, a Halifax social worker says.

    So what? A waitress in Winnipeg said Trudeau was the devil. A doctor in Burnaby said smoking causes autism. A telephone tech in Cornerbrook says he’s followed by space aliens. Who gives a shit!? Only a journalist.

    • tom_billesley

      Tell him it’s only because they’re in a higher court … Shariah.

  • tom_billesley

    professor who won’t say ‘ze’
    We had a prof who would say ze. It’s how he pronounced the definite article.

  • Cat-astrophe

    Trump Supporters Are ‘Profoundly Evil’
    With a comb over like that, he surely knows evil….

  • Cat-astrophe

    ….(accused) of assaulting transgender students at a rally on Tuesday.
    must have been non verbal assault.

  • Cat-astrophe

    Wow. Todays Continental Breakfast sure put me off mine….the world is totally pooched.

    • In honor of the debate tonight… that picture is from the ’48 election.

  • Exile1981

    The monkeys probally complained about being compared to obama.

  • I heard Putin’s going to be in the front row at the debate tonight. 😉

  • tom_billesley

    Swedenistan prepares to welcome back its heroes from Mosul with state-financed driving licenses and housing grants

  • Editor

    Re: “You should learn arabic . . .”
    I agree with Volker Beck. Every German should learn to say “Behave like a human being of F*uck off” in arabic.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Nate Silver announced he and his whole organization was deep in the tank
    for Hillary years ago. It will be funny to watch them lie when she is
    queen to concoct some survey results that tell us all she’s successful
    and well liked. Look at the work they’ve had to complete to drag her mostly dead ass across the finish line ahead of one of the worst opponents ever. Can you imagine what kind of drugs they’ll have to be on to keep her Big Media Lie Operation running for 4 more years to lie to us that she the best president evah?

  • Observer

    Thank you.

    Now I know that around the University of Toronto, the appropriate pronouns are: “he”, “she” or “it”.

    • Editor

      OK, so, we’re going with “it” for the black lipstick, mommy perm, ear gauge guy? Works for me.

    • Waffle

      I saw a video clip of the demo at the U of T campus the other day. One thing stood out: PAID thugs trying to silence the Prof. They were so uninformed that they refused to be interviewed, Just bought-and-paid-for thugs.