British Peer: Polygamy ‘Commonplace’ Within British Muslim Communities

“…Cox further pointed as evidence to a 2014 study in which 50 women living in Muslim communities in the West Midlands were interviewed about their experiences. It gives a glimpse into how widespread the issue is.

Of the 50 women interviewed, 46 were in current marriages. Of those, the report states, “two thirds of those who identified as being married (31 of 46) said their husband has more than one wife.”

Four of the women said their husband has three wives in total, and three women said their husband has four wives in total.

The report continues: “Islamic law requires that a man who chooses to have more than one wife must be able to support all of his wives. However, of the women who said their husband has more than one wife, nearly all (27 of 31) said their husband does not support them financially. Of these women, three quarters (21 of 27) rely on state benefits.”