Were the Arabs Indigenous to Mandatory Palestine?

The assertion that Palestinian Arabs are the indigenous population is central in their dispute with Israel. The message is that Jews stole and now occupy the land of the indigenous Arab population. Rarely challenged, the claim is widespread…

  • Gary

    Based on the evolution theory being pushed , it now seems like there were hundreds of living entities that all crawled out of the Ocean at the same time to create these huge numbers of indigenous People in every nation including canada and the USA .

    But if everyone came from the same groups that came out of the oceans, how did we get so many colours and billions of humans still stuck in the 10th century or are know for not inventing anything or winning Nobel prizes.

    If we went back far enough in time we would have to be down a few humans where we needed females or a hybrid male that could produce children at will. If the polar bears and going down to just a few, then they must have started with just a few as well.

    • Two tiny amoeba…

    • John Boy

      I think you may have forgot to take into account that those still trying to live in the 7th or 10th century may be doing so due to generations of inbreeding.

  • Alain

    There were no indigenous Arab populations outside of the Arabian peninsula; ever.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Who cares? Israel is a country NOW. It’s never going to be un-invented.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    Israelis know how to live in harmony with their land. The interlopers don’t and are failures whose only thing going for them are racist foreign diplomats.

  • vwVwwVwv

    its Israel who defend itself from an Arab Empire larger than EX-USSR in numbre,
    sise and money….

    Palestinian is an KGB invention for Illegal Arab Squatterers in Israel.


  • vwVwwVwv

    the arab numbres are from India like the numbre zero and algebra,
    the grat arab scientists have been chrstians and jewish dhimmis
    and there is nothing they contributet to humanity,
    not a single thing. they are indigenouse
    to the arab penincula and its
    in my opinion way
    to much for the

  • vwVwwVwv
  • SDMatt

    Our narrative says that we were in this land since before Abraham. I am not saying it. The Bible says it. The Bible says, in these words, that the Palestinians existed before Abraham. So why don’t you recognize my right?

    Except that Islamic tradition, naturally, has Abraham living his life in Arabia.

    Saeb Erekat: I am the son of Jericho. … the proud son of the Netufians and the Canaanites. I’ve been there for 5,500 years before Joshua Bin Nun came and burned my hometown Jericho.

    Not quite, Saeb. According to the Times of Israel:

    Erekat was born in Abu Dis, near Jerusalem. I found an interview with another Erekat who was born in Abu Dis, named Hussein Mohamed Erekat. He says that his family actually comes from the Huwaitat region of the northwestern Arabian Peninsula. Indeed, this article about the dialects and clans of Saudi Arabia confirms the existence of the Erekat (sometimes spelled Areikat or Ariqat) families in Huwaitat, and they are one of seven clans that ended up in Palestine. Is Saeb a member of this clan? Yes, he is. This Facebook page of the Erekat family traces the Erekat family history, and this article confirms that the family came from the Huwaitat region, and it also mentions prominent Erekats – including Saeb. That article also says that before Huwaitat, their ancestors emigrated from Medina.