Terror police question 15 in ISIS recruitment probe after dawn raids across Belgium

Belgian terror police have questioned 15 people after launching a series of early morning raids across the country.

Officers descended on addresses in the Belgian cities of Ghent, Antwerp and Deinze, according to the federal prosecutor.

Of those arrested, four were charged with involvement in terrorism as part of a probe into the financing of militant groups and recruiting fighters for ISIS.

  • Gary

    It makes me sick how the so-called Moderate peaceful muslims will cry racism and take to the Streets if you arrest Jihadists when there’s not any terrorism attacks yet.
    But now that the Jihad slaughters have begun they now take the stance to stay quiet and deny their muslims brothers are muslim brothers linked to islam and quranic verse to do jihad to the unbelievers .

    When Sheema Khan was at CAIR , she defended almost every arrested and alleged muslim Jihadist . CAIR’s tactic was to cry islamophobia and racial-profiling in the post-9/11 era of muslms bashing.
    But , once these Muslims boasted about the terrorism for allah were convicted to be in a Federal Prison ….. Sheema Khan then changed her narrative to the CBC that they had NOTHING to do with islam.
    Oddly though , when these non-muslims demanded Halal meals , Prayer rugs , arrow pointing to Mekkah , plus access to an Imam……CAIR and con-job Khan never petitioned Corrections canada to deny these non-muslims that status of Muslims for special treatment.

    Omar Alghabra and CAIR had produced a leaflet for Muslims and Arabs that coached them to NOT help the FBI or RCMP .
    Khan and CAIR was close tot he CBC while Omar is now in the Liberal party to promote Sunni islam and Whahhabism. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/b4f0533bb92a5d1a6a5516bd13f94e7bceb6bbdc5afd97889217df107ec3cd60.jpg