Graft: Goldman Sachs Paid Hillary $675,000 For This?

Graft: While Goldman Sachs was in the middle of laying off 1,700 workers in 2013, it decided to spend more than two-thirds of a million dollars on Hillary Clinton. And what did it get for its sizable investment? Very expensive pabulum.

On Saturday, WikiLeaks released the complete transcripts of Clinton’s three appearances at Goldman Sachs events in the span of five months in 2013. These are the transcripts that Clinton adamantly refused to release during the primaries, when Bernie Sanders was calling for them to be made public.

At the time, pundits wondered if the speeches contained remarks that might undercut Clinton’s support with the Democratic Party’s increasingly leftist base. Was she too cozy with Wall Street? Did she promise them anything if elected? And so on.

But it turns out that Clinton was probably more concerned with the fact that that the transcripts would reveal how banal her remarks were. That would, in turn, raise questions about why Goldman Sachs was willing to part with so much money for three hours of mostly worthless clichés and bromides that bear little resemblance to the policies Clinton is pushing now.

There’s only one real possible explanation. Clinton was cashing in on her tenure in government, and Goldman Sachs was buying influence. They used to call the former graft, and the latter crony capitalism.

h/t XB