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Rigging the Election – Video I: Clinton Campaign and DNC Incite Violence at Trump Rallies


CNN: Trump’s ‘Heated Rhetoric’ to Blame for Firebombing of NC GOP HQ

“But that kind of action is unacceptable,” Stelter stated before setting his sights on Trump. “And we need to have the temperature come down on all sides right now,” he opined, “Unfortunately, Donald Trump is the lead in terms of raising the temperature at this moment in time.”

Stelter was silent in April, 2015 after his CNN colleague Marc Lamont Hill praised the Baltimore riots as an “uprising” against “police terrorism.” Yet, he was quick to jump to the conclusion that Trump’s rhetoric causes such events.

All evidence points to Hillary Clinton supporters carrying out this domestic terrorist attack.


Seven things banned under Ethiopia’s state of emergency

The emergency was announced earlier this month but the government has now made clear what this means in practical terms.

Hillary seen furiously taking notes.


Trudeau nominates Newfoundlander Malcolm Rowe to Supreme Court

“I am greatly excited to announce the nomination of Mr. Justice Malcolm Rowe, whose remarkable depth of legal experience in criminal, constitutional, and public law will complement the extensive knowledge of the other Supreme Court justices,” the prime minister said in his statement announcing the appointment.


Australia Trialling Lessons in Climate Self Hatred for 8yr Olds

Doomsday climate change lessons are being taught to children as young as eight who are concluding that human activity threatens to destroy beautiful sunsets and ­waterways.

Six schools in the state’s north are trialing a “world first” curriculum that is expected to be adopted across the state, if successful.


The corrupt media is lying to you (again) about Trump

“We need to restore integrity and ethics to journalism. I hope Donald Trump wins every lawsuit. There’s a reason they [the media] didn’t translate that cross-talk section. There’s a reason they didn’t analyze his actual body language in the video. They’re corrupt.”


Migrants Raise German Birth Rates – Mission Accomplished Merkel?

The EU’s most populous country has reversed demographic trends going back decades, with statistics showing that the rise in fertility is almost exclusively down to immigrant women, while the lifetime birthrates among the German population remain static.


Black Lives group at Michigan State U. advocates ‘accelerating and exaggerating all actions’

Michigan State’s homecoming parade was interrupted on Friday night as Black Lives Matter protesters demanded school officials “take a stance on a push to improve the lives of African-Americans.”

The Detroit News reports that last Tuesday students had sent a letter to MSU President Lou Anna Simon, as well as to Tom Izzo and Mark Dantonio, the school’s basketball and football coaches respectively, asking for a statement in support of the Movement for Black Lives.

To their chagrin, Simon, on behalf of herself and the coaches, offered a rather ambiguous response in which she encouraged student engagement, expressed a desire for a more “humane and just society” … but then added “even when we may disagree on the methods and means for achieving the goal.”

This led to the group “Which Side Are You On” to write on its Facebook page “… From here on, we must accelerate and exaggerate all actions and do so unapologetically.”


Gun store owners using hilarious ‘Crooked Hillary’ ad to sell guns and ammo

Pretty good idea eh? Considering nothing has ever sold more guns than the Obama presidency; gun ownership climbed under Obama and clearly people are worried they will lose their ability to continue buying firearms so they’re willing to buy and buy NOW.

Dude, the ad works.

It even uses the phrase, “Crooked Hillary.”



Minneapolis: Muslims riot, attack cops during protest of HBO series on jihad recruitment

Rapper and singer K’naan faced a hostile reception from dozens of Somali-American protesters on Saturday at a block party in Minneapolis. He had just begun performing on a stage on Cedar Avenue, the beating pulse of the East African community, when demonstrators essentially shut him down.

The source of their hurt is K’naan’s latest project, an HBO series that several media reports have described as a drama about jihadi recruitment set in Minnesota, which also involves director Kathryn Bigelow.

Finally we have located the elusive moderate Muslims.


  • ontario john

    Maybe the little dictator Trudeau appointed him because the new judge stated that the Supreme Court should make laws, not just interpret them. And with the media excited that Saskatoon is going to have biggest homosexual conference in the world, maybe its only natural that the media is reporting that a convicted sex offender is running for the school board there.

  • H

    In 20, 40, 60 plus years, there will no doubt still be a geo-political entity called Germany, located where one has existed for centuries. As to whether it will be German in any recognizable way (will the German language will even be spoken there?) – that is another question entirely.

    • canminuteman

      This is the result of countries having people, rather than people having countries.

  • xavier

    I don’t get the conflict in Ethiopia. The BBC isn’t exactly helpful. Is this a conflict between 2 Christain groups? A Moslem vs Christian fight? Or a power struggle a la South Sudan?

      • xavier

        Thanks! A little clearer it’s about a minority that’s excluded the majority and it’s a fight over spoils and power

        • There’s also a border dispute with Eteria over several small towns, which has been referred to as 2 bald men fighting over a comb. It sounds silly but there’s a very real chance the entire horn of Africa could become involved if that conflict turns into open war.

        • Norman_In_New_York

          No wonder Ethiopia’s remaining Jews are anxious to make it to Israel.

    • tom_billesley

      Tigray is about 95% christian.
      Oromia is about 50% muslim.

      • xavier

        Thanks that explains alot

  • Blacksmith

    “The EU’s most populous country has reversed demographic trends going
    back decades, with statistics showing that the rise in fertility is
    almost exclusively down to immigrant women, while the lifetime
    birthrates among the German population remain static.”

    Yup, this is exactly what they wanted, they think they can control the uncivilized masses to maintain their elite status.

  • kkruger71

    Something I found as an interesting side note ; On Facebook their news feeds give one story, then a photos and videos link, then they list “Top Posts”. Yesterday when I clicked on their feed for the NC firebombing, the first listed “Top Post” was an article about Democrats raising several thousand dollars to donate to help fix the office. That article had something like 50 “likes”, a couple dozen comments and maybe a dozen “shares”. The other stories ranked below it, the ones about the actual event, had thousands and thousands of “likes”, comments, and “shares”.
    Just in case anyone has any belief that Facebooks new algorithm is as unbiased as promised.

    • A Hamilton Guy

      Facebook: A waste of time and space.

  • BillyHW

    Women teachers want to teach about climate bullshit because they hate and don’t know how to do math.

    Keep your children away from them.

  • JaedoDrax

    “He also helped draft the rules in his province around the use of sentencing circles for some Indigenous offenders”

    “He also presents himself as a follower of the “living tree”
    constitutional doctrine, a belief that the document’s interpretation can
    change progressively over time — rather than strictly adhere to the
    text’s original meaning.”

    “Rowe also sees an active role for the top court in actually crafting laws, rather than simply interpreting them.”

    any one of these should have disqualified him for the post, yet he gets it because of “the feelz”.

    • A Hamilton Guy

      Just another of those”I know better,I’ll make the law, you obey the law ” jerk off judges that have been surfacing lately.

  • tom_billesley

    The big lie
    Migrant ‘children’ arriving in Britain from Calais to critics claiming they look ‘old enough to be adults’ may appear older ‘because war has toughened them up’, the Home Office claims.

    • Norman_In_New_York

      They may have to saw these people in half and count their tree rings.

  • RE: Malcolm Rowe – this:

    “But in spite of those concerns, Appeal Court Justice Malcolm Rowe
    refused to overturn the original sentence. He noted Jerome Jack had
    stopped drinking, he had not re-offended and he was now the principal
    caregiver to his children.”